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10 Top Cooler/Ice Chests for Spring [PICS]

As the weather warms up we need our drinks and food to cool down. These 10 top coolers and ice chests will do just the trick.

Choosing your next cooler/ice chest can seem daunting with so many great products on the market. A good cooler is such an important tool to properly keep meat, or beers, nice and cold — the way they should be! We’ve chosen our top 10 coolers/ice chests for spring to help you discover chilled bliss.

Click through the slideshow to see some of the best coolers on the market. 

Seafoam YETI


YETI coolers are highly admired for their durability and cooling power. This spring, YETI is rolling out limited edition coolers in the season’s “it color” — seafoam. Available in their most popular sizes and only for a short time. Hurry and get one before they’re gone!

YETI Hopper 20


The YETI Hopper is a new soft-sided cooler from YETI. This spring, YETI introduced the Hopper 20 – a smaller size for even more transportability. This soft-sided cooler is just as highly engineered as the hard ones to keep your stuff really cold for days. Plus, you can carry it on your shoulder!

Filson Soft-Sided


Filson’s only cooler is beautifully designed with a signature Filson look. The comfortable shoulder strap, rustproof hardware, and water repellent rugged twill all compliment this attractive and portable cooler.

Coleman Steel


A classic – the Coleman steel belted chest cooler is even better than you remember. And it comes in modern colors like matte black or stick with the classic Coleman green.



Pelican is known for making some of the best gun cases on the market and now they’re bring that same high quality to a line of ultra durable coolers. New for spring is the 80QT Elite. This is one cooler that can definitely take a beating.

Pelican Huge 250QT


The biggest and baddest from Pelican. The 250QT Elite is guaranteed for life, retains ice up to 10 days, and is made in the USA. What more could you want?

Icehole M1 Abrams

Icehole Coolers

This cooler, in tactical green, is the Cadillac of coolers. This thing can hold up to 50 pounds and has different compartments. It’s a pretty sweet cooler.

Bird Buck Sport Seat

Kevin’s Catalog

The Bird Buck Super Sport Seat is a nifty little seat/bucket/cooler. It features a removable insulated foam cooler in the 10-gallon bucket and an adjustable shoulder strap. Plus, blends right in with break-up camo.

The Grizzly

Kevin’s Catalog

The Grizzly 60 QT is a serious hunting cooler. With a holding capacity of nearly 50 pounds of game meat — or 78 12 oz. cans — the Grizzly won’t let you down!

Grizzly Orange


The Grizzly 16 is a smaller, but equally as tough, version of its larger counterparts. Its noticeable burnt orange will stand out in a cooler crowd!

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10 Top Cooler/Ice Chests for Spring [PICS]