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10 Tips for the Lazy Hunter

Some days we run the hunting woods, and other times not so much.

We know that the only way we’ll be successful as hunters is to put the time and effort into trying. Experience and practice have no substitutes.

Although, sometimes we look for easier ways. Sometimes we cut corners and cash in on our laziness. Sometimes we skin a deer with a golf ball and a pickup truck.


These 10 tips are for when you don’t feel like working as hard this hunting season.

10. Internet search.

Pre-scout your possible areas of interest using online maps and resources. Check reviews and the division of wildlife website for all the information you can get, from your warm abode.

9. Find the hot spot close to your parking area.

Look for pockets of great game habitat that are close to your vehicle that may be missed by other hunters.

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8. Sit and wait.

This one is hard for many, but if we sit and wait the woods comes alive. Stay still and try not to snore!


7. Hot chocolate, hot tea or hot coffee.

A delightful bliss in the frozen woods!

6. Good binoculars.

Let your eyes be your feet and save a lot of feet dragging.

5. Sugary snacks and jerky.

Makes hunting a whole lot easier when your stomach is happy.

4. Bring extra over clothes in a bag to your stand.

Dress light for the walk in, and then put on the heavier stuff before you sit. You will be sweat free and stay warm.


3. Hunt with a younger and more energetic friend.

They come in handy for dragging out game or hauling in treestands.

2. Turn off phone.

Yep, your stress levels will melt when your stressors are not calling.

1. Enjoy the great nature’s cathedral in front of you.

It’s not all about the bag limits being filled, but the memories of time spent afield. Enjoy it out there brothers and sisters of the great outdoors!


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10 Tips for the Lazy Hunter