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10 Tips for the Lazy Fisherman

We love to fish, and we love to chill out.

Being called lazy, especially for a fisherman, is kind of odd. There's hard work, dedication, persistence and other things that are basically required if you ever want to get good at fishing.TS-FishingTeam-Email

But then again, fishing almost is inherently lazy. I mean, technological advances are all about doing work for us. When it comes down to it, you can basically fall asleep while fishing, and only wake up during a few exciting moments. Things can move pretty slow, especially when they aren't biting.

So I guess we really are all lazy at one time or another. Here are the 10 tips for lazy fisherman like us!

10. Take a seat.

Why stand when you can sit?

9. Bring a beverage. 

All of that water can sure make an angler thirsty!

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8. Drift fishing.

Give the boat a break and your driving arm. Lean back, cast a line.


7. Munchies.

Bring a snack and stay out on the water longer. Don't let your stomach shorten the trip.

6. Bring a flashlight.

Not only can you find your way back after dark to fish longer, you can place the light beam on the water to draw fish in.

BP flashlight
Bass Pro


5. Bring a bell.

No kidding, get a little bell to tie to your fishing pole so when you get a bite, you will get a dinner bell ring.

4. Fish with a friend who has a boat.

He can do all the work since its his boat, and you can fish.



3. Observe successful anglers. 

A quick casual conversation with them can yield the right bait, tactics and locations.

2. Fish for all species.

A good ol' worm can still knock em dead. Why just target one species?

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1. Shop the bait store.

One stop shopping for worms, minnows, snack foods and birthday presents.


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10 Tips for the Lazy Fisherman