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10 Tips for Better Prone Shooting

prone shooting

These tips will increase your prone shooting accuracy.

Prone shooting is the most stable field position possible, but many shooters fail to realize their full potential because they have poor form.

Watch the video to see if you're following these ten basic rules for prone shooting (or read them in the "takeaways" section below) and stay on target the next time you hit the range or the field.

While it's not always possible to assume a prone position due to obscuring foliage or time constraints, this position is the most stable for shooting in field conditions, if you know how to take advantage of it.


1. Natural Alignment: Align your gun with the target before assuming your prone shooting position. Once the gun is positioned, take your position behind it. Some shooters prefer to be directly behind the rifle, while others choose to offset their legs. Choose the position that works best for you, then stick with it.

2. Butt to Shoulder Position: Anchor the butt of the rifle squarely into the pocket of your shoulder to reduce the chance of high or low impacts.

3. Use the Correct Grip: Plant your strong hand elbow and grip the rifle firmly but gently. Use your weak hand to further steady your position by holding it under the stock. 

4. Legs Down: As mentioned, some shooters like their legs pointing straight back, while others prefer an offset approach. However you choose to position your legs, make sure your toes are pointed out and your entire leg/foot is in contact with the ground.

5. Heads Up: Use your stock to support your head in a natural alignment with your scope's reticle, not the other way around.

6. Relax: Make a conscious effort to relax every muscle in your body. Allow your bone structure to keep the rifle on target.

7. Fine Tuning: If your rifle isn't pointed at the spot you want to shoot, move your body to change your point of aim.

8. Shoot Empty: Take a few deep breaths, then shoot when your lungs are empty.

9. Make a Good Squeeze: It's time to take the shot. Keep both eyes open, take up the slack on the trigger, then fire when you're on target.

10. Follow Through: Don't immediately jump from your rifle once the shot has been fired. Follow through and watch the action through your scope. Only after you know the situation should you reload and prepare for a follow-up shot.

If you have the time and the cover allows it, prone shooting will give you the best chance of nailing your target. Remember these ten rules, and you'll be ready to make a pinpoint shot, whether your target is 200 or 1200 yards away.

Best of luck working on your prone shooting accuracy and taking more game this season!

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10 Tips for Better Prone Shooting