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10 Tips for Backpacking in the Rain [VIDEO]

Don’t miss out on special adventures and memories because you are afraid of backpacking in the rain.

People miss out on many sights and sounds in the rain and mist of the outdoors because they refuse to get wet while on the trail. You don’t have to sludge through knee-deep water to prove you’re an outdoorsman, but you also don’t have to run at the sight of every dark cloud. Backpack camping can be fun no matter the weather, and this video will give you some great tips on making it work.

Perhaps the strongest reasons given in this video for playing in the rain, so to speak, are tips one and 10. Don’t miss the adventure, and stay safe!

That’s what the outdoors is all about. Who cares if you get caught in a freak storm? The memories will last a lifetime.

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10 Tips for Backpacking in the Rain [VIDEO]