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10 Times Folks Enjoyed the Outdoors with SipDark’s Help

With SipDark in tow, these folks know how to enjoy the great outdoors.

SipDark has taken it upon themselves to help ensure everyone can enjoy a good drink the right way, and loves it when folks share photos of them enjoying themselves.

What exactly is SipDark, you ask? Initially they focused on chilling whiskey and scotch with traditional chilling stones, which you store in the freezer and add to drinks to keep cold, but not dilute with melted ice. They’re the originators of the Whiskey Bullet, a chiller that’s shaped exactly like large caliber ammo.

SipDark has dove into the glassware and cigar accessory departments, and continues to design and develop some awesome stuff. Most all of it is customizable and able to be engraved.

Here are 10 instances where folks could’t help but take their love for fine drinks, glassware, and cigars outside.

It’s almost campfire weather again👌 #dontdilute |

A photo posted by SipDark (@sipdark) on

All that’s missing here is some of our Whiskey Bullets®! 👌🍻 📸 @photogunner

A photo posted by SipDark (@sipdark) on

How to kayak in style! #TGIF Tag A Friend🍻 📸 @scotchaddictmtl

A photo posted by SipDark (@sipdark) on

When will you be joining these folks and heading outdoors to enjoy the finer things?

Check out what SipDark has to add to the experience, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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10 Times Folks Enjoyed the Outdoors with SipDark’s Help