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10 Thoughts Gun Buyers Have While Gun Shopping

What 10 things do we really think about while gun shopping?

Our answers might well amuse you!

We all have different needs in a firearm, and here are 10 thoughts we may have when buying that gun.


10. Does this gun make me look fat?

Seriously, if the gun is to be used as a concealed carry piece, can it be concealed effectively?

9. How bad is the noise and recoil?

If we have problems with recoil, then this is an important question. Noise can become a problem on smaller gun ranges.

8. How much is the ammunition and how available is it?

Practice makes perfect, and if your practice ammo is $40 a box, you might skip practice.

7. What kind of capacity does this firearm have?

For a self-defense weapon, generally more is better unless the laws in your state believe it is not. For hunting, remember capacity rules for migratory fowl and other game.

6. Overkill or underkill?

Many of us get caught up in the idea that "bigger caliber is better game." Make sure you can handle the caliber you are purchasing and can effectively load, shoot and reload it.


5. Will it create friend envy?

What will the gun club buddies think? Break out that cute pink mouse gun with matching case and find out fast.

4. If it is a home defense gun, can all family members use it effectively in an emergency?

You may be incapacitated, and it may become someone else's job to protect the castle.


3. Where can I shoot this gun?

Your local range may not allow that caliber, check first before you buy.

2. Is this gun a working gun or a safe queen? 

Make sure not to overspend on that duck gun that will be muddy and wet after one trip afield.


1. Can I afford this gun?

This is an all encompassing tip that includes the gun cost, ammunition, cleaning kits, solvents and range fees. It all adds up.

What tips would you add? Post them below.

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10 Thoughts Gun Buyers Have While Gun Shopping