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10 Things You’ll See at This Year’s Hunters Extravaganza


If you’re still on the fence, these 10 things will help persuade you to check out the Hunters Extravaganza.

You’ve got your tickets to the 2016 Hunters Extravaganza, right? Texas Trophy Hunters Association has once again outdone themselves in organizing the number one hunting show for Texans, right at the brink of the new season.

Depending on when and where you go, you’re in store for a real treat. Several treats, in fact. Trust us, it’s like a treat buffet.

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 awesome things you can’t miss, and a little extra info to round it out. Enjoy yourself!

1. An Onslaught of Camo

Maybe there will be a little blaze orange mixed in, but the main design of choice will be the ever-reliable camouflage, worn in more patterns than you ever knew existed. Wearing camo, especially to a hunting show as big as the Hunters Extravaganza, is the universal sign that you get it. You’re in the know. You would rather represent the passion you have for your hunting hobby than some baseball team or fashion brand.

If you wear a bunch of camo, you’ll be in good company.

2. Gear, Gear, and More Gear

One of the biggest and most obvious attractions is the fact that the Hunters Extravaganza is the premier showcase for the newest hunting apparel, firearms, bows, knives, and on and on. You name it, it’ll be there. There will be more exhibitors at this year’s show than ever before.

And of course, if you’re still in need of some supplies before the season begins, now’s one of your last chances to see some of this stuff. It may not even be in stores yet. Take every advantage you can, right?

3. Bubble Runners


Yes, you can act like a hamster, or at least your kids can, in these sweet inflatable balls.

4. The Lone Star State’s Favorite Venomous Friends


You’ll get to watch Joe Martin’s Snakes of Texas do their thing, and learn quite a bit about the slithery critters while you’re at it.

5. Catfish


The Texas Junior Angler’s Catch Tank will be on hand at each of the four stops, giving kiddos a chance to rig up a pole and try their shot at landing a big one.

6. Gators, and Their Teeth

Alligators are the Hunters Extravaganza’s newest attraction, and attendees will get up close views of these gigantic and toothy reptiles.

Don’t get too close, though!

7. Brian “Pigman” Quaca

That’s right, the Pigman himself will be at the Ft. Worth and Houston shows, and will almost certainly attract a big line. Get there early and get an autograph or photo, he’s known as one of the friendliest folks in the hunting biz.

8. Dr. Deer

James Kroll-09

The renowned James Kroll

9. The Original ‘Bone Collector’

Michael Waddell will be in Houston for that town’s Hunters Extravaganza, and it’s a can’t-miss opportunity to see one of hunting television’s biggest stars.

He’s also known to be a really nice guy, and you might just pick up a hunting tip or two if you ask nicely.

10. The Biggest Deer in the State

deer hunting

Every year, one of the main highlights of the Hunters Extravaganza is the annual deer competition, which pits the biggest and the best deer hunted in the state by members of TTHA, and officially recognizes them and the hunters who did the harvesting.

It’s a fantastic way to get some final motivation and set your sights for a successful season.

Remember, the Hunters Extravaganza takes place at these locations throughout August.

  • Ft. Worth (August 5-7)
  • Houston (August 12-14)
  • San Antonio (August 19-21)
  • Corpus Christi (August 26-28)


  • Friday 3:00pm -9:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am -7:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am -5:00pm

Ticket Prices

  • $25 ? Weekend Pass
  • $10 ? Adults
  • $5 ? Kids 13-17
  • FREE for Kids 12 and under
  • FREE Active Military and Veterans with ID
  • FREE TTHA Members on Friday
  • FREE TTHA Platinum Life Members all weekend

Get your tickets and prepare for an awesome time.


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10 Things You’ll See at This Year’s Hunters Extravaganza