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10 Things Not to Do While Camping [VIDEO]

Whether you’re a new camper or an old woodsman, you’ll enjoy this list of things not to do while camping.

The list is presented by Mario and Fafa, a couple of puppets, but the tips are mostly good — or funny.

Watch the video to see what you think.

“Never feed wildlife with yourself, it’s very dangerous.”

Although this video presents the tips in a humorous light (and with puppets), the information is mostly valid.

Keep your fire away from your tent. Stay hydrated. Never feed wildlife. Dress in layers. Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll return. Practice safe camp cooking practices. Also, don’t beat up old ladies or get lost, fall down, and break your leg.

Use this list of things not to do to ensure a good camping experience this summer or, if you prefer, stand on a street corner and ask random strangers to kick you…

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10 Things Not to Do While Camping [VIDEO]