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10 Things You Should Never Do While Shooting

Don't make these 10 big mistakes while shooting a gun.

Shooting is a great sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether it is practice for hunting season, personal protection or just good 'ole fun recreation, it is the choice stress relief for a huge cross section of our society.

Keeping safe is always paramount to all, and if you steer clear of these 10 mistakes you will stay safe and enjoy a great American right.

10. Not wearing eye and ear protection at all times.

We have all witnessed this bravado that will lead to possible injury to the sensitive organs of the eyes and ears. You only have one set of each, take care of them.

9. Not following range protocols.


They are there for your safety as well of that of others. Obey them.

8. Talking to one another.

Chatting about the last episode of your favorite television show is a distraction. Pay attention to what you are doing. Save the conversation when the range time is over.

7. Using questionable ammunition.

Whether it is from an old lot that may or may not work, someone else's reloading experiments, or the wrong size ammunition, do not use them. Shoot clean ammunition that you know the make and history on. Save those cardboard shot shells from yesteryear for your displays on a shelf.

6. Shooting dirty guns.

Keep everything clean and clean your weapons after each outing. They will shoot better, remain rust-free and actually work when they are meant to. Finger oils are extremely caustic due to the salts in them, so wipe your firearms down every time you handle them.

5. Shooting "gangster style."


This has to be the stupidest thing out there. Do not try it, it is unsafe and you will be lobbing bullets in the wrong direction. Hollywood is not the style you want.

4. Practicing quick draw with live ammunition

You should never practice quick draw from a holster or pocket unless in a class to do so. No one wants to be around that.

3. Not watching the laws on transportation per states and federal guide lines.

There are those that will make an example out of you. Do not give them a chance. Stay legal. Also secure your firearms away from children and unauthorized users.

2. Not keeping fingers off the triggers and loaded guns only facing down range.


Easily done. Pay attention.

1. Not listening for your shots.

If you have a "squib" bullet, which is a defective underpowered bullet that may get stuck in your barrel, the next bullet may run right into that one. Be careful on quick firing. Listen to your shots and if anything sounds off, stop right away. If you have a jam you cannot clear, get help from the range master. Keep everything pointed down range.

These simple lessons are easily learned and should always be followed for a safe, fun time.

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10 Things You Should Never Do While Shooting