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10 Terrifying Fish That Could Do Some Damage… But We’ll Try to Catch Them Anyway [PICS]

Some of Earth’s most frightening creatures live in our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

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With their sharp teeth, strong jaws and deadly poisons, many fish species are fierce predators that certainly hold their own in the aquatic ecosystem. Some fish are frightening at a glance, while others deceive victims with their epic beauty or harmless appearance. But does the threat of danger or death scare away a true angler? Not a chance!

Check out these 10 terrifying fish that could certainly do some damage… but we’ll try to catch them anyway!

Goliath Tigerfish


This terrifying monster is the real deal. Reaching lengths of more than six feet, the Goliath tigerfish swims through African waterways in packs and can shred larger prey in mere seconds.



Also known as the vampire fish, the payara wreaks havoc on its prey in the Amazon River, even terrorizing the fierce and aggressive piranha. In fact, payara literally impales its prey with the 10-inch tusks that extend from its lower jaw.

Great Barracuda


A popular Atlantic and Caribbean game fish, the Great Barracuda is known as a torpedo with teeth. The fish can grow to be 100 pounds and six feet long. Its three-inch teeth can fatally rip apart flesh in a matter of seconds.

Snakehead Fish

CBC News

The snakehead fish looks plenty creepy, but its actions are something straight out of a horror novel. The fish eat absolutely everything from plankton to other fish. Once every possible food supply has been depleted, the fish actually crawls onto the land and makes its way to the next body of water, where it starts plaguing the new ecosystem. Native to parts of Asia, the snakefish was introduced into waters in and around Maryland, where it’s now a dangerous invasive species.



Don’t be fooled by the lion fish’s beauty. Those dramatic fins are as sharp as a set of needles poised to inject you with a deadly poison. While the lion fish is native to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, it was reportedly introduced into Florida waterways, causing concern among swimmers, anglers, divers and other beach-goers.

Angler Fish

Discovery Channel

One look at the deep-sea angler, and you’re bound to have nightmares for weeks. The fish can be found in deep sea, open water and even continental shelves, and they feature a characteristic fleshy growth protruding from their heads used to lure prey. The angler fish’s toothy jaws and stomach can stretch so far it can swallow prey up to twice the size of its body.


Tourist Graphic

Gentlemen anglers, beware of the pacu fish! The omnivorous Amazon native not only looks creepy with its human-like teeth, but the predator has been reported to bite off swimmers’ testicles.


Top News

The piranha may look like any other harmless South American fish until it opens its mouth and bares the razor-sharp teeth adorning its jaws. Expert predators and scavengers, piranha have even been known to resort to cannibalism.


National Geographic

The tiny candiru looks like nothing more than a harmless minnow, right? Wrong. This Amazon catfish is actually a parasite that attaches itself to the gills of larger fish, but it’s reportedly chosen the inside of human urethrae as its host, as well.



Also commonly known as the blow fish, the puffer fish is about as cute as a fish can be. It’s also the second-most deadly vertebrate on Earth, even if it’s considered a delicacy in Japan.

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10 Terrifying Fish That Could Do Some Damage… But We’ll Try to Catch Them Anyway [PICS]