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10 Awesome Survival Bikes for Whatever the World Throws Your Way [PICS]

When the world falls apart, saddle up and get out of Dodge on one of these badass bikes.


1. The Kawasaki KLR 650


The Kawasaki KLR is arguably the best enduro bike of all time. There’s a reason the US Marine Corps and adventure riders have used it for years: it’s reliable and easy to maintain. As you can see with the custom KLR above, these bikes are capable of carrying a crap ton of gear.


2. The Motopeds Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition


The Motopeds Survival Bike is armed to the teeth with weapons and survival tools. The hybrid motorbike  includes a crossbow, tomahawk, harpoon, survival knives, and many other tools and gadgets. It can also switch between motor and pedal power, so you can keep going when your fuel runs out.


3. This combat dirt bike


This nimble dirt bike is standard issue for henchmen of villains in James Bond movies and paramilitary guerrillas in late 1980’s Chuck Norris films. The bike comes equipped with a front-mounted rifle holder – perfect for extended car chase/shootout sequences – a communications antenna, GPS mounts and a couple storage containers.


4. This fighter-plane inspired bike

Plane in background
The Bike Shed

We don’t know for sure who owns this survival bike equipped with a forward-facing machine, but I’m guessing it’s John Rambo.

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5. This combat-inspired chopper

Attack Choppers

We don’t know anything about the owner of this bike, either. Top guesses include Snake Pliskin, Walter from the Big Lebowski or Chuck Norris’s character in Delta Force.


6. Gibbs Quadski

The Survival Place Blog

OK, I know it’s not a motorcycle, but the Gibbs Quadski is pretty damn cool. This amphibious craft can switch between a quad and a jet ski. It also has a rear gear rack for rod holders and gun cases. Look at how much fun this guy is having.


7. The Hyanide


The Hyanide is a concept dirtbike/snowmobile/quad hybrid that runs on a continuous track. It’s a multi-seasonal vehicle that can move through snow, mud and sand. At this point, we don’t even care about survival – this thing just looks like it’d be fun as hell to drive. Unfortunately, the bike only made it to prototype stage as a one-fifth scale model.


8. Urban Survival Ducati 1199


Here’s one for the urban survivalists. This Ducati features a top-mounted gear container and a slick desert-camo scheme. You won’t blend in with the grey tones of your urban surroundings, but you will kind of look like G.I. Joe. More importantly, you’ll outrun anything coming your way.


9. The Tarus 2

Tarus 2

This Russian-made, all-terrain, motorcycle can supposedly disassemble into storable parts in five minutes time. All the parts can fit inside the back of a compact car like a pinto, which is the ultimate survival vehicle (just kidding.) The Tarus 2 has two-wheel drive and can drive through snow, deep mud, and rocky slopes.


10. The Felt Outfitter E-Fat Bike

Outside Online

Felt Outfitters designed their Outfitter E-fat Bike with backcountry bowhunters in mind. Bowhunters tend to schlep a lot of gear into the field, and they favor stealth over noisy entrances. So Felt created this semi-electric mountain bike that comes with a trailer that can haul up to 100 pounds of stuff. It may not be the most efficient way to travel in a survival scenario, but you’ll have amazing quads.

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10 Awesome Survival Bikes for Whatever the World Throws Your Way [PICS]