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10 Stupidest Fishing Items on Amazon [PICS]

We’ve seen our share of strange and unusual fishing products, but few hold a candle to the 10 stupidest fishing tools we found for sale at Amazon.


Most any angler will admit to having tried some wacky tools in the hopes of landing a monster catch. Regardless, some products are just plain stupid, and they make you wonder why type of fisherman would ever actually try them out.

From fish calls to the tiniest of rods and reels, we found what are likely the all-time stupidest fishing tools for sale by Amazon.

Check out the slideshow to see the 10 stupidest fishing tools at Amazon:

Pallatrax Stonze

Targeted toward the angler who is conscious of his effect on the environment, Pallatrax Stonze are actual rocks specially-drilled so they can weight lines. While we’re all for saving fish from lead exposure, couldn’t we just pick up our own from any driveway?

Fishing Rocket

We know today’s kids often have it too easy, but apparently it’s now also too difficult to cast a fishing line the old-fashioned way. The fishing rocket uses a pump action to launch a line more than 30 feet.

Pen-style Fishing Rod

This fishing rod expands from what appears to be nothing more than a basic, everyday sort of pen. The gadget could certainly come in hand if, for example, you get the chance to hook a bass while strolling to the office.

Simms Sunsleeve

While we’re all for sun protection, in our day if we needed to cover our arms, we just wore a long-sleeved shirt.

Umbrella Hat

For some reason, Amazon is under the impression that anglers enjoy looking ridiculous out on the water since the retailer categorized this product as fishing gear. Wouldn’t a poncho work just as well?

Fat Cat Catfisher Rod

This rod might be capable of casting 40 feet, but we don’t think a catnip-filled mouse is going to catch the type of cats you have in mind.

Radio-controlled Fishing Boat and Pole

Granted, controlling the boat as it flies across the top of the water would be a blast, but does anyone really think fish will be attracted to a whirring electric motor?

Shotgun Shell Bobbers

This novel float is cute and found success thanks in part to an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” but we can’t see how they serve any better function than a plain ol’ red and white bobber.

Ice-fishing Clamp Light

Seriously? They make headlamps, you know.

Fish Caller

Here fishy, fishy, fishy! This amplified kazoo may be one of the stupidest fishing items we’ve every seen; thank goodness it’s a gag gift!

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10 Stupidest Fishing Items on Amazon [PICS]