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10 Step to Guarantee You Will Kill a Feral Hog

Photo by Joe Riekers

These 10 steps are just about foolproof for getting a hog in your sights.

Wise up and take these steps into account when you’re hunting feral hogs, eradicating your land of invasive species, or looking for some bratwurst and boar ribs for your next meal. However you want to look at it, hunting feral hogs is becoming not only more fun, but more and more important as the days pass.

Here are the 10 steps to take to guarantee you a shot at a feral hog.


1. Locate an area hogs are using.

Look for tracks, rooting area or hair on low fence wires.

2. Set up a trail camera.

You need to know when the feral hogs start coming in and what time.

Trail Cam 3

3. Dig a hole.

A post-hole digger works well but a shovel will suffice. Bury corn, sweet feed, hog syrup, or any kind of commercial feeding powder or block under three or four inches of dirt.

4. Set your stands.

You can use a ground blind or treestand depending on the terrain. Ideally, set up two blinds facing the food site from two different directions. Make sure the stands are far enough away that your movement and noise will be concealed but not so far that you can’t see to take a shot in low light.

5. Monitor the activity.

Watch your trail camera periodically to determine when the feral hogs are coming in. When the hogs are coming in regularly or when you see multiple hogs or multiple visits to the site, begin the next steps.

6. Watch the moon and the weather.

Hogs will come out at last light. They will be earlier and more aggressive about coming out when the temperature will drop significantly overnight.



7. Control your scent.

Scent free spray and clothing is essential. Hogs have mediocre eyesight but they have an excellent sense of smell.

8. Check the wind.

On the day you are going to kill your feral hog, be aware of the wind direction and speed. Choose the stand that puts you downwind of the site.

9. Keep quiet.

Hogs will get spooky and either avoid the bait site or come in after dark if they hear anything unusual or concerning.

10. Make a good shot.

Use a cartridge that has a good reputation for being effective on hogs and hog sized game. If you are an archer, use strong broadheads with a similar reputation. If you are using optics it will increase your ability to see as the day fades away and it will allow for precise shot placement.


Good Luck!

Let us know your hog hunting strategies in the comments below.

Images via Joe Riekers

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10 Step to Guarantee You Will Kill a Feral Hog