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10 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Deer Hunting

Listen to these hunting songs before you hit the deer stand.

Music throughout the ages has been a motivator. Native nations used drums to excite warriors and hunters for their upcoming excursions.KCHO-mrec

In our modern world, our sports arenas echo with the sounds of music to prepare the participants and athletes to the coming games. What would modern pro-wresting be without the entrance music? Baseball without the organ?

This brings us to our picks for the ten best songs that will get you ready for deer hunting.

What are your favorite songs to get you pumped for deer season? Visit the Ready to Deer Hunt Spotify Playlist to add your favorites

10. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"

This would be a great motivator for the bush beaters on a deer drive. This song keeps you motivated through the thorns and deep swamps.

9. Josh Turner's "Backwoods Boy"

This one tells the story of many of us. Well done, Josh.


8. Justin Moore's  "Backwoods"

This gets you in the mood to get to your stand. Put this on your play list.

7. John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High"

For the serenity of the deer stand, nothing beats the old sounds of John Denver. His haunting voice still carries through the mountains.

6. Tracy Byrd's "Mossy Oak Song"

This one tells the story many of us have similar of the backwoods and his father. Pass it on!

5. Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"

This deserves a place on this list. It will fire you up!

4. Trace Adkin's "Rough and Ready"

It's just a great tune for the country boy in all of us.

killable buckwos

3. "Deer Season Fever" by Lo-Brau

If this isn't the country deer hunting song than nothing else is! Good 'ole times and deer the country boy way.

2. Hank Williams Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive"

This tune sums up the feeling many of us have as we commune with nature away from the modern societies trappings.

1. Ted Nugent's "Fred Bear"

Our number one pick would just be fitting that it is Ted Nugent singing his ballad on the founder of modern archery. "Fred Bear" brings us to the mind to walk with our ancestors on our great trips to the wilds. Great job Ted, you sing that one from the heart.

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10 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Deer Hunting