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10 Signs You Hunt Too Much

Take these as warning signs; if you do these things, you likely hunt too much.

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When you love hunting as much as many of us do, it colors the way you live the rest of your life, too. You’re not just thinking about big bucks, treestands, feeding plots, trail cameras, and blood trails when you are out in the woods, but you’re considering them in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings when you’re not on the hunt as well.

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While it’s hard to imagine ever finding a way – or finding the time – to hunt too much, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of 10 signs that could indicate to your family members, friends, co-workers, or other acquaintances that you are entirely too obsessed with this sport. Some of these signs are serious; others are just for fun; most are somewhere in between. Enjoy reading through them and let us know in the comments what other indicators might tell you you’ve been spending too much time in the woods.

Check out the slideshow for the signs that you may be hunting a bit too much.

It invades all of your dreams

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If there’s one sign that you’ve been doing something too much – not just hunting, but anything, from working to playing video games – it’s that it starts invading and defining your dream life. When you start dreaming all night, every night about sitting in a tree stand staring down your rifle scope at a monstrous buck, you have officially ascended to another level of hunting saturation. Sure, some hunters will put fortuitous stock in these dreams and take them as signs that they are going to land a record-breaking buck on their next hunt. In reality, however, a dream about hunting is probably just a sign that you’ve become so dedicated to all things hunting that your love for the sport can no longer be contained by conscious thought.

You spend more time in your stand than you do at your work space

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When you hate your job, it really tears you apart, and for good reason. As an adult with a full-time work life, you probably spend more time sitting in your office workplace than you spend anywhere else. Usually, the only possible exception to this rule is provided by where you sleep.

For hunters who hunt too much, it’s provided by your treestand. If you’ve been splitting your time equally between your desk at work and your stand in the woods, then you’ve essentially turned hunting into your full-time job. While most of us wouldn’t mind the prospect of hunting for a living, this division of time and effort offers pretty clear evidence that you hunt too much.

You don’t have enough room in your freezer for all of your venison

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Here’s one that probably ends up on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #DeerHunterProblems. When you have hunted so much in a season that you no longer have any more room in your freezer to store excess venison – especially if this moment occurs significantly ahead of the end of the season or any time before you filled your tag for the year – you are either too good at hunting or you hunt too much.

Either way, the deer on your property are probably imploring you to stop or slow down so that they can have the chance of seeing another spring.

You have multiple different licenses (possibly in several different states)

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Okay, there’s really nothing wrong with having licenses to hunt big-game animals, small-game animals, and maybe a lottery species or two. However, if you have three or four licenses in your home state as well as additional tags in other states, you might want to dial things back a bit.

,/p>There’s nothing wrong with wanting to partake in a lot of different hunting experiences, and there’s certainly a charm to traveling out of state for a week or weekend and hunting in unfamiliar terrain. However, at some point, you may be spreading yourself too thin.

Your version of a weekend date involves you and a giant male deer

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When co-workers are talking about the dates they’ve set up for Friday or Saturday, most of them are probably referring to nights out with their spouses or significant others.

Not you! On the contrary, your idea of a weekend date is a Saturday morning outing where you shoot and kill a 12-point buck, culminating in a nice photo of the two of you.

You reach your bag limit every single year

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Depending on how experienced you are as a hunter, filling your tag every single year without fail may be a normal accomplishment that you don’t have any trouble reaching.

However, every hunter is struck by spots of bad luck from time to time, and states frequently seem to face deer sighting shortages (especially lately). If you can rack up the kills even in a bad hunting year, it might be a sign that you are too dedicated to your sport.

You have hunting-related tasks to accomplish every day… even on the offseason

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Most of our friends and family members understand that, when hunting season rolls around, our time belongs to the woods, to the treestand, and to the deer. What non-hunters don’t understand, however, is how much time and hard work goes into preparing for a successful hunting season.

If you’ve got a hunting-related task on your agenda nearly every day of the year, you can bet that most of the people in your life are shaking their heads and possibly worrying about your state of mind.

You’ve actually started passing on bucks

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Here’s a big one: if you hunt so frequently that you’ve actually started passing on reasonably sized bucks with the hope of bagging something bigger later on, you’re the envy of virtually every other hunter in the woods. In this case, the “you hunt too much” statements are mostly thrown around out of jealousy.

Your boss knows to give you Opening Day off before you ask

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This one could just come from having a long and friendly relationship with your boss, but if you hunt so often that your employers already know to give you a vacation day on Opening Day, then your hunting passion has officially made you the most predictable guy or gal in the office.

You never see your family or friends

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All joking aside, the true gauges for determining whether or not you hunt too much are your family and friends. If you hunt frequently but still have plenty of opportunities to spend with your significant other, spouse, kids, or buddies, then you’ve found a nice balance.

If you have begun to neglect your friends and family, though, you really are hunting too much. Dial it back and make time for the important people in your life. The deer will still be out there tomorrow if you miss a hunt today. Better yet, take your family and friends hunting with you!

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