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10 of the Most Ridiculously Photoshopped Animal Pictures [PICS]

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So, somebody got cute with a computer.

If you didn't know anything about picture-editing software, people can edit themselves into some pretty crazy scenarios. Take, for example, this list of pretty crazy photoshopped animal pictures. Some of these are real photos with not-so-real animals in of them.

Many of these photos are fairly famous. They have made the rounds on the internet, and have shown up in inboxes and text messages. Some you may haven't seen before. If not, you're welcome.

10. The old mountain-lion-in-the-background trick.

Despite so many internet reports about this photo, it is, in fact, fake. Too bad. This would have been pretty epic.

Chronicle Outdoors


9. Bears want to get in on the action too.

Somebody must have seen the mountain lion and thought they could one-up it with a bear. Pretty good job.

Photobucket/Anthony Marr


8. Speaking of bears, how can anyone compete with this?

I mean, he was KBG, so riding a Russian brown bear is probably just part of the training, right? We may get in trouble for posting this.

The Student Room


7. Here's how we compete: We need to make some Mongolian friends.

This guy is a legit wolf hunter. That's just how they roll.

Reddit" target="_blank">Reddit


6. How about some exotic game?

This animal might even be a little too exotic, especially considering this is a bow-only species.

TV tropes


 5. This one had to have come from a high-fence hunt.

Maybe it's just pumped full of steroids and hormones.

outdoor oddities

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4. They say this photo is fake, but we just can't figure out why.

Those trout do look suspicious though.

Luther Fish 


3. Perhaps the rarest fish on earth.

Maybe this guy should have just let this one go and not told anybody about it.

rhino rihno rino pike northern pikes esox strnage strnagest curious ugly monster fish fishes mysterious mistery orrible deep ness rare rarest albino ocean oceans europe us america canada usa amazon brazil
International Fishing News


 2. Nope, this is the rarest fish on earth.

We're not really sure how we would react to this. At the very least, take a selfie.

Daily Mail 


 1. The craziest of all crazy trail-cam photos. Talk about one in a million.

This one clearly speaks for itself.

trail cam
Texas Hunting Forum 

The things you can do with technology!

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10 of the Most Ridiculously Photoshopped Animal Pictures [PICS]