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10 Resolutions For a Better Shooting New Year

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We all make New Year's Resolutions but what as shooters should we vow?

Here are our 10 resolutions for better shooting this year.

10. More range time. 

In our hectic schedules, we try to piece together quick range trips when and where we can. Let's make them a higher priority this year.

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9. More patience.

This is easier said than done. This might be waiting in line at the gun counter, range or outside our favorite gun show. Also, we should practice patience in our shooting stances, trigger pull and all of the finer points of accuracy  shooting.

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8. Less spray and pray. 

Fast shooting is fun, but costly and less accurate than that one, precision shot.

7. We will start reloading our own cartridges and shells.

Let's start to shoot more and start a new hobby, reloading.

6. Weather will not own us!

We will get out to practice regardless of weather. Remember, we only need to shoot for defense on warm, sunny days, said no one ever!

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5. We will pick up our brass and clean the range better than before we arrived.

Picking up litter makes the range so much nicer. Show some pride.

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4. We will teach a younger person the safe ways to handle a firearm.

 Education is the key for our next shooting generation. Be that mentor for the shooting community.

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3. We will allow more ammunition for our practice trips and allow longer trips to consume that ammunition.

Practice, practice, practice!

2. Support gun shows.

Attend, buy and enjoy! Don't let this right ever stop!

1. Join the National Rifle Association. 

Our largest and oldest gun rights association fights for your gun rights every day. Become a member and support them.


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10 Resolutions For a Better Shooting New Year