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10 Resolutions For A Better Fishing New Year

New Years resolutions can help us anglers also. 

Here are our top 10 resolutions for a better fishing new year.

10. We will fish more.

Get out there, boys and girls, and enjoy!

9. We will take our families with us.

Why should we hog all of the fun? Take the family and they might enjoy it as much as we do, or more!

Young happy family with kids fishing in pond in summer

8. Make sure our fish stories are backed by pictures.

A pictures is worth a thousand words, and it beats using your hands to tell the story too.

7. Budget for that new boat, rod and reel combo or other fishing tool. 

We could all use a new toy this year. Plan ahead!

Baja West USA


6. Bring our meals with us.

This beats being hungry and cutting the trip short. Be prepared.

Picnic And Lake


5. Bring bait.

It sure is a hassle to root under logs looking for worms when the bait shop was on the way to the fishing hole.

DG Bait

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4. Make a fishing budget fund.

When you need something, you will have the cash to buy it without any headaches.

3. Be more patient.

Fishing is a sport of patience, and I am an angler with little patience.

2. Leave the bait in the water longer.

I switch baits and lures a lot. This can be combined with #3 most definitely.

1. Bring a good chair or butt cushion.

Whether you are sitting on the bank or in a boat, it can literally be a pain in the butt to fish without a good seat.

Sailor Man Fishing Resting In Boat Summer Vacation

Happy New Year!

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10 Resolutions For A Better Fishing New Year