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10 Reasons Why You’ll Wish You Were Going to ICAST [PICS]

ICAST 2015

ICAST… For those of us who fish, it’s like a sneak peek into Santa’s workshop.

There are more cool toys on display at ICAST than we can dream of, but the chances of the general public getting in are slim to none. It is a trade show exclusively for credentialed members of the sport fishing industry, but it never hurts to dream.

Here are just 10 of the reasons why we wish we were going.

1. The gear

ICAST 2015

We could meander through over eight and a half football fields of the newest baits, rods, reels, equipment and clothing. Oh that’d be some sweet meandering.

2.The fish

We’d get a chance to hook up with a few Florida strain bucket mouths and win some cash in the FLW sponsored ICAST Cup bass tournament taking place during the show.

3. The access

At nearby Lake Toho, we would get the chance to test out and form our own opinions on never-before-seen products with ICAST’s On the Water event.

4.The music

ICAST 2015

We could stomp our boots to the country sounds of fellow angler Easton Corbin in concert. That guy sounds a little like George Strait.

5. The golf

If we’re on fishing overload and need a change of pace, we could sign up for the Bass & Birdies golf tournament as a palate cleanser (then we’d get right back to ogling the shiny new fishing gear).

6. The networking

We’d learn about fishing techniques and trends from other parts of the globe by visiting any one of the 11,000 international fishing groups in attendance.

7. The whole fishing family

Us wader-wearing, double-hauling, line mending crowd would feel the love too. ICAST is also for the fly fishing industry and will display all the latest innovations we didn’t realize we couldn’t live without.

8. The perspective

ICAST 2015

We could get a fish’s view of how new baits react underwater with the ICAST Lure Tank. It’s outfitted with an underwater camera so we can see what the fish sees.

9. The location

It’s in Orlando, Florida! I’ll bet there are a few fun things to do around there once the show is over. I heard Disney has a little park…

10. The swag

Finally, and most importantly, free samples! We’re not above helping ourselves to some of that promotional booth swag. It’s there for a reason and we’d just be doing our part to promote the product.

If you are going to ICAST, we’ll admit, we’re a little jealous. Bring us back something. For those of us who aren’t attending, keep up with the latest highlights each day on ICAST TV.

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10 Reasons Why You’ll Wish You Were Going to ICAST [PICS]