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10 Reasons This Time of Year is the Best Time For Predator Hunting

Predator hunting in the winter is tops!

There are typically hunting seasons for predators, especially mountain lions, bears and coyotes, that fall in the winter months. It may drive some hunters away, but others (the smart ones) realize winter has its advantages when it comes to stalking game.

Here are 10 reasons why.

10. Tracking game is a breeze

Watch the snow, it has a tale to tell about a tail, or two.

9. Snow camouflage is the go-to

Become the snow drift and hunt areas in the wide open where snow less hunts would be impossible.

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8. Scent travels less in colder weather

There is less chance on being winded by that big coyote in your crosshairs.

7. Prime pelts

Market value of your harvest is at its top level.

6. Less human traffic

Cold chases many people from the woods, and turns the winter wonderland into a great solitude for you and your game species. Game calls just seem to reach farther on those cold days.

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5. No bugs!

4. No toxic plants, either

No poison ivy or other assorted plants to cause problems. Plus, heavy clothing makes the hunter into a briar proof tank, unlike the light weight clothing for other seasons.

3. Sight distance

The hunter can see farther due to no leaf cover and trampled weeds are knocked down by snow weight.

2. They’re desperate

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When the winter freeze affects the food chain, predators like wolves and coyotes need to find easy meals, and lots of them. That’s where predator calls come in real handy, and are often more effective in the later winter, when game animals are becoming more and more desperate to cash in on the next food source, and ideally not expend much energy doing so.

1. New pathways

Frozen waterways and swamps allow the hunter to cross into previously unhuntable areas.

Try hunting this winter for predators, and it might be your favorite season too!

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10 Reasons This Time of Year is the Best Time For Predator Hunting