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Top 10 Reasons Ohio Hunters Have it Good

Hunting in Ohio has made us better hunters, and here is why.

Ohio hunters certainly enjoy their time outdoors, and have found a way to go about their sportsmen business with a certain personality and approach unique to the area.

Check out our top 10 reasons why Ohio hunters do things differently, and in most cases better, than their out of state counter parts. And by all means, sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

10. Urban deer permits

Overpopulating white tail deer populations in the suburb areas have in turn opened up many small lots for deer hunting near town. Those deer are looking for gardens, but may find us instead.

9. We are royalty

Ohio hunters are the kings and queens of the small acres. We only have so much area to hunt, and we maximize it well for better harvesting.

8. We are a secretive group

Those special hunting areas we have found are hard earned, so we keep quiet about them.

snowy high seat

7. The rebound

The rebound of such species as turkey, Canada goose and deer has been incredible. They are everywhere and quickly become nuisance animals to farmers and gardeners.

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6. The weather

Ohio has moderate temperatures (usually). We have found exceptions to the rule, such as last season's polar vortex.

5. Public hunting lands

We are very lucky to have some fine lands to hunt on that will never become housing developments, as has happened to much of our state.

4. Trees

Ohio has an abundance of nut bearing trees. These trees feed our game and give them cover, and we've found ways to use them to our advantage.

3. Lake Erie

The Great Lakes have put Ohio in the center of migration patterns of our waterfowl game species.

2. Coyotes

The influx of coyotes in the past two decades have turned us into predator hunters. A new game was found.


1. We are silent

Until this season, hunting deer in Ohio was only allowed with shotgun slugs, muzzle loader, a bow or handgun. This was a close range sport and has made us experts in the art of moving silently and in concealment.

If you've never hunted in Ohio before, find an acquaintance or guide in the state and give it a shot. You'll be glad you did.

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Top 10 Reasons Ohio Hunters Have it Good