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10 Reasons Why Late Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Hunting Knife

Buying a hunting knife in late winter has many merits.

These 10 reasons will have you heading out to buy one now.

10. After season sales.

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9. Pre-store inventory markdowns. 


8. What lessons have you learned this hunting season from your knife? Pros and cons? These will be on the forefront of your mind as you head out to get a new knife.


7. Forgot that knife in the truck  bed after tagging in that deer and it is rusted from the deer blood and water? Yep, time to buy a new one! 

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6. New models will be coming out soon and discontinued ones are all up for grabs at lower prices. 


5. Are you a flea market or gun show shopper? Many knives will show up after season as some hunters either give up hunting or have just bought the latest and greatest ones. 

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4. Talk to other hunters that have used the knife you are looking at this season. Their advice will help you and is fresh in their minds too right after hunting season has ended.


3. In late winter, knife shopping will get you out of the house and back to thinking about the outdoors.

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2. Lost your knife this season? Better get a replacement while the prices are cheaper. 


1. Wouldn't it be nice to have a nice shiny new knife to look forward to using next season? 

Late winter is the perfect time to add a new knife to your collection. Shake off the cold and go outdoor shopping!

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10 Reasons Why Late Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Hunting Knife