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10 Reasons Why Hunters are Better Than the Average Person [PICS]

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Hunters are some of the best people you’ll ever meet, and here are 10 reasons why.

Many stereotypes have been made about hunters and society has pretty mixed views. That has changed in recent years with new hunters like Eva Shockey. However, hunters have been great people for a long time and here are 10 reasons why hunters are better than non-hunters.

1. Hunters have plenty of patience.

Nothing can teach patience like hunting. We’ve all been there waiting for the moment that you’ve been dreaming about all year long. Hunters typically have good patience, something a lot of people lack.

2. Hunters are passionate about conservation.

Some would argue that hunters are some of the most conscious about the environment. In fact, the reasons some species are still around is because of the efforts of hunters.

Conservation Force
Conservation Force

3. Hunters are always learning.

Whether they know it or not, hunters are constantly learning. In order to become a better hunter, the need to learn is essential. Therefore, hunters have the keen ability to constantly learn from mistakes and analyze situations.

4. Hunters can appreciate the subtle things in life.

Hunters can’t harvest an animal every time, but they can still enjoy the hunt. There’s something special seeing the day come to life while sitting silently. Every hunt might not be a home run, but there are certainly things to enjoy on every hunt.

Cordoba Dove Hunting
Cordoba Dove Hunting

5. Hunters have the ability to look forward to the future.

There is no such thing as an off season for hunters, and they know how to pass time preparing for their favorite time of the year. That takes some serious dedication.

6. Hunters donate generously.

In one year, hunters donated over 10,389,912 meals or 2.6 millions pounds of meat. That is a ton of help for those in need. Hunters contribute to society a lot more than what they get credit for. Don’t forget all of the various organizations that are powered by the support of hunters like: Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Turkey Federation, Whitetails Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever, to name a few.

7. Hunters are great cooks.

Speaking of meals, hunters know how to make a delicious dish. Whether it’s a shore lunch or fine dining, they have a delicious recipe that will leave your mouth watering.


8. Hunters know how to take care of their belongings.

Do you have an old rifle that was passed down from your hunting grandpa? Well, it’s probably because he took good care of it. In a throw-away society, hunters know how to take care of their goods for the long haul.

9. Hunters are honest.

Excluding the old tall tale or fishing story, hunters are honest folks. It can be easy to cheat in the outdoors, but real hunters stick to the tried-and-true methods. Honesty is often a rare trait, but most hunters are honest people.

10. Hunters share knowledge.

Hunters are great at sharing knowledge. Whether it’s introducing the great outdoors to the next generation, or helping a hunting buddy. Hunters are great at explaining things and sharing knowledge. No one knows everything, but hunters will certainly point you in the right direction.


Hunters are awesome!


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10 Reasons Why Hunters are Better Than the Average Person [PICS]