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10 Reasons Fall Camping is the Best Camping

Fall camping is the best, and here’s why.

Not everybody loves it when the weather changes and fall arrives. But they’re crazy.

Autumn means a lot of things to a lot of people, but the biggest thing for outdoorsmen is that the season is prime for camping.

Why? Glad you asked. We could have listed hundreds of excuses to get into the great outdoors this time of year, but we narrowed it down to the best.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should skip the traditional summer season and instead camp in the fall.

1. Weather, duh

If you had a choice of sweating it out in a shadeless campsite, or having to wear a few extra layers and bundle under blankets in your tent at night, what would you choose?

Campers that know how to beat the heat are at an advantage, especially when we’re talking about places like Texas or Arizona. But for the most part, avoiding that isn’t very hard in the fall. The odds of an overnight temperature dropping below what’s tolerable aren’t too high until at least mid-October for most of the country, and a cool evening and night can be fantastic with a campfire to help curb the chills.

Sure, you may be running a risk of potentially bad weather, but that just gives you a chance to test out your base layers or waterproof tent. Unless weather is severe, a little rain, wind or cold never hurt any unprepared camper.

2. You can see sights like this


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3. Or this


4. Or this

Via Folger

5. Less, or possibly even no bugs

There are fewer nuisances worse than bugs on a camping trip. Horseflies, mosquitoes, gnats, you name it, they pretty much suck on a camping trip.

The cooler weather typically slows their movements, and may even kill them off if it freezes overnight. Imagine all the dead mosquitoes piling up after a cold night, it’s one of the few times massive death tolls are okay to look forward to.

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6. You could incorporate hunting into your camping trip

The fall hunting season occurs at different points depending on where you are and what you’ll be hunting for, but two of the outdoors’ greatest activities can combine for a memorable trip.

Maybe turkey hunting in South Texas has always been appealing to you, or mule deer hunting in the Colorado mountains. Coinciding a camping trip and a little hunting is a great way to take full advantage of everything fall has to offer.

7. Affordability

Often, the peak season for camping areas, state parks and national parks is through the summer, when kids are out of school and weather is likely going to be nice.

This translates to less expensive nightly fees, and also fewer crowds in general. There’s nothing like having an open camping area nearly all to yourself.

8. Comfort food at the campsite

Cooking at the campsite is just one of the great parts of the experience, and fall calls for the kind of comfort foods that are made better when cooked over a fire.

Try this Dutch Oven Apple Crisp recipe from campfiremeals, with autumn harvest apples and the sort of flavors that scream fall.

9. The night sky in the fall is arguable the best

Stars in the fall season cover most of the eastern and southern skies in the mid- to late-evening hours, and are often referred to as the “Cellestial Sea,” because of the water-centric constellations.

Photo via flickr user Arup Malakar

Days begin to shorten in the fall, meaning stars become visible slightly earlier to the naked eye. And if you’re lucky enough to have a chance at seeing the Northern Lights, fall is a great time to do it.

10. The stress relief

When fall rolls around, and kids return to school, it’s almost like a wave of stress and business flows over each and every one of us. It’s a time when relaxation and contemplation is important, but we often don’t bother to get any.

Camping, for a lot of us, is by far one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities, so why wouldn’t we do it during a stressful time of year?

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Though it isn’t the customary time to camp, plenty of outdoorsmen and women have realized the fall can trump the summer when it comes to the overall experience. Have you caught on to this yet?

If not, ’tis the season. Set yourself up for a successful trip by planning and packing the right gear and clothing, and you’ll likely find that autumn is the best time to camp.

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10 Reasons Fall Camping is the Best Camping