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10 Reasons to Date an Outdoor Lady

There is no better place to be with your companion than the outdoors, so here are 10 reasons to have an outdoor lady by your side. 

Being a fan of the outdoors has its perks, but they are always a little better when you get to enjoy them with someone whose company you enjoy as well. A good camping or hunting buddy is cool, but a significant other who's into the outdoors is way cooler.

Here are ten good reasons why sportsmen should consider dating an outdoor lady.

1. She is low maintenance
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The outdoors can be rough. No hot showers, no TV to watch The Jersey Shore, no hairdryer... there is a good chance that a girl who likes to spend time outdoors is pretty low maintenance. And that can make relationships easier because she won't be complaining all the time. At least not about stupid things...

2. She is tough

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We have all had a tough time in the outdoors at some point. An outdoor lady has likely been through tough times in the wilderness and that makes her tougher than the sheltered indoor girls. An outdoor girl can roll with the punches and takes everything in perspective. "Hey, this is better than when we found that rattler under the tent bag!"

3. She is fun


An outdoor gal can have fun doing just about anything because she is low maintenance and tough. What makes her the most fun, though, is that she likes doing the same things you do when you are outdoors.

4. She is utilitarian

fish gutting
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The dictionary defines "utilitarian" as "designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive." But when the girl is useful doesn't that make her more attractive? Having an overly-dependent partner can get exhausting. So a girl who can gut a fish, make a fire or pitch a tent will probably be pretty independent. Another reason why dating an outdoor girl is a good idea.

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5. She is active

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The activities we do outdoors are most likely strenuous, whether it be backpacking, hiking, wading, hunting or running. An outdoor lady does these things and enjoys them, which means she stays pretty active. Dating someone who is lazy is boring anyways...

6. She is healthy

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There is a good chance an outdoorswoman isn't bringing McDonald's into the backcountry. This goes hand-in-hand with #5: since she is active, she is also healthy. Bringing snacks and dehydrated food, and getting damn creative with backpacking meals, is really the way to go when you are going out of doors. Cooking what you hunt down or catch fishing are all healthy options. It's a major plus if the girl can cook over an open fire... dutch oven meals, anyone? All these meal options make for a healthy girl and a healthy girl is a happy girl. Happy girl = happy relationship.

7. She appreciates nature

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We'd like to think everyone "appreciates nature," but the real outdoor gal has spent time there and has come to be humbled by the powerful world around us. There is something worldly about the outdoor girl and that just makes her more interesting to be around.

8. She likes to get dirty

Back Camera
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The outdoor chick doesn't mind getting a little dirty whether it be from soot, blood, dirt or mud as long as there is water nearby to take a dip into!

9. She can fend for herself

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There is a good chance the outdoor gal has at least shot a gun or has been in some sketchy situations with dangerous animals. You can feel safer leaving the outdoor girl at home alone. If she can shoot the venison she makes you in the dutch oven over the fire? You should probably put a ring on it...

10. She's devoted

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It takes devotion and commitment to do a week-long backpacking, hunting, fishing, or camping trip, and if the outdoor girl can do that, then she will be an equally devoted and committed partner. It takes a real lady to give you a kiss when you smell like you've been in the outdoors for a while.

The outdoor woman is a catch and can be a valuable companion when out roughing it. If you are still looking for, her there is even a dating website for help... Outdoor dating.


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