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10 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Rod [VIDEO]

Christina Weber

Building your own rod means you get exactly what you want. Custom-made is always best.

Rod building is an art and it's by far one of my favorite things to do. I don't go for flashy, but instead I build for performance--utilizing the blank to the full extent. I like expensive guides with full cork grips, I like 13 guides instead of 8-10 plus tip, I like custom-made and I like to know I built something to perform for an exact type of presentation.

Here are 10 reasons why I think you should build your own rods.

1. Control

This is my favorite reason behind rod building. I'm in full control of the quality in my rod build. I know the spine has been properly found, I know the guides are placed properly/evenly and I know the time and effort needed has been put into it.

2. Quality

The quality in your own build is much higher than a manufacturer who is producing millions of the same rod. There's no rush in your build, the guides, grips, reel seat, blank, etc. can and will be the highest quality you desire. Most higher quality components aren't found on your factor builds.

3. Options

What's better than custom? How many times have you walked into an outdoor retailer and they don't have that exact rod? You need it just a little lighter, a little heavier, a little longer or with more guides? I hate split grip and this is one of the reasons I love building because I can have exactly what I want, no questions asked.


4. Hobby

Custom rod building is a great hobby. Having the ability to catch fish on something you built is a great feeling.

5. Made in America

Struggling to find rods built in the U.S.? Worry no more. Although most blanks are still made overseas, there are a few built in the U.S. Remember, this is not to be confused with "assembled in the U.S.," which is an easy mixup.

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6. Tools for repair

Once you've invested in all the tools for rod building, you've naturally compiled all the tools you'll need for rod repair. Having your rods repaired can be such a costly process and put you out of commission for weeks. With the tools in-house, this is cut down immensely.

7. Knowledge

They say, "The only source of knowledge is experience." I've learned so much since I began rod building, and having the ability to dissect rods is priceless. Rods are such an important tool to our success on the water that I couldn't imagine not giving myself the best opportunity for knowledge.


8. Better Performance

Mudhole custom tackle tells us -

When you make your own fishing rod, you can use the most modern and technologically proven materials and techniques. This may result in many benefits, including equipping you with a stronger rod, with more sensitivity, at a fraction of the weight. There is also rod balance, and the role it plays on the fatigue you feel after a long day's fishing. A light, well balanced custom rod, created just for you, will do a lot to reduce the strain and stress you feel. Your rods will absolutely preform better than a factory built rod.

9. Weight

Since you've decided what's on the rod or not on the rod, you can really keep the weight down. This definitely becomes noticeable in situations where the rod doesn't leave your hand--bass fishing, fishing the flats for reds, snook fishing, beach fishing, etc.

10. Cost

Like anything else you have the ability to make this as cost effective as you would like. You're in complete control when it comes to your personal rod build.

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10 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Rod [VIDEO]