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10 Pros and Celebrities We Definitely Want to Hunt With

Sporting Life Show

The dream team of hunting camp would include these 10 hunters.

Hunting is way more complex than the average person thinks and these 10 pros are people we would definitely want to share deer camp with. This list is compiled of extremely skilled hunters, outgoing, or have amazing property.

1. Fred Bear

Sportsman Channel

Fred Bear is a no-brainer when it comes to making this list. The amount of knowledge he could share on a hunt would be amazing. Also the hunting stories around the fire would be great too. Bear was fundamental hunter and a pioneer that created the landscape for hunting we love today.

2. Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

Crush TV

This list wouldn't be complete without this duo. Lee and Tiffany have developed some of the finest hunting across the country at their Iowa farm, shooting big bucks every single year.

Granted this took years and serious dedication, their stewardship to the land elevates them to 'pro' level for hunting.

3. Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey
Sporting Life Show

Shockey is the type of hunter that can lead a successful deer, bear, moose, or exotic hunt unlike anyone else. If we took a hunting trip with him, our odds of landing a trophy would instantly increase. Experience and expertise can go along way.

4. Kip Campbell

Outdoor Channel

Kip Campbell from Red Arrow TV is a funny dude, plain and simple. It's clear in his show that he goes through the many hunting struggles the average hunter goes through.

If the deer aren't moving, at least the jokes will be flowing.

5. Michael Waddell

Archery Talk

Waddell is class act and knows a thing or two about shooting big bucks. We would be up for a hunt this southern deer hunter. Hopefully he will bring along Blake Shelton to strum the guitar at deer camp.

6. Eva Shockey

Mossy Oak

Although Eva hasn't been hunting for along time compared to the others on the list, we still think it would be blast to hunt with her. With her dad as Jim Shockey, it's clear she knows more than the average bear when it comes to landing big game.

7. The Drury Gang

makr and terry drury
Mossy Oak

The Drury outdoor team are nothing shy of professional. Mark and Terry are true experts when it comes to adjusting properties into their full potential. The two know how to shoot big bucks consistently.

8. Steven Rinella


Rinella is well educated hunter who loves the concept of eating freshly harvested game. He usually doesn't chase trophy game, but rather put food on the table or campsite fire.

We would want to hunt with Rinella to get some fresh food and hunt some great landscape.

9. Your Dad or Grandpa


Whoever taught you the ropes of hunting seems like a pro to some extent. Hunting is about tradition and family, so we are always up for a hunt with family.

10. Chipper Jones or Jim Thome

Drury Outdoors

If you're a baseball fan and like chasing whitetails, one of this guy would be awesome to go hunting with. Not only would these have the hook up for great hunting spots, they would have a few baseball stories. The two both made it to the World Series and have shot some giant whitetails.

Any of the hunters on the list is more than welcome at our deer camp.

Who would you want to hunt with? Why? Share who would make your list.


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10 Pros and Celebrities We Definitely Want to Hunt With