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10-Pound Bass Crushes a Bluegill Swimbait [VIDEO]

Want to know just how well a bluegill swimbait works? Watch this video.

The 10-pound bass in the video was caught in about five feet of water. You can get your own bluegill swimbait, just like the one shown in the video, at If you order before May 26 and enter promo code “Memorial Day” you’ll get 10% off your bluegill swimbait and any other items you decide to purchase.

Watch the video to see the lure in action.

Nice bass!

As fishing season progresses, food sources change. The smart angler has his or her tackle bag filled with a number of options to mimic what the fish are feeding on at the time.

This bluegill swimbait is one of the most realistic baits I’ve seen and the action is amazing. Give it a try today and you just might reel in a ten pounder of your own.

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10-Pound Bass Crushes a Bluegill Swimbait [VIDEO]