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10-Point Buck Takes Point Blank Shot and Lives [VIDEO]

This 10-point buck may be the luckiest deer after taking a point-blank shot from a failed muzzleloader.

Rod Owens of Drury Outdoors made a mistake he won’t forget anytime soon. During the 2012 Illinois firearm season, a buck got another chance at life after a muzzleloader wasn’t loaded correctly.

Take a look at this unusual hunting video.

If I had to make a guess on what went wrong, it appears that the muzzleloader had the powder and primer, but must’ve forget the bullet. Or maybe the bullet was too loose in the barrel? What do you think happened?

This buck must’ve ate a few four leaf clovers with all the luck it had during this hunt. If you look at the video carefully, it appears some projectile bounces right off the deer.

This deer was only a simple chip shot away, making it all the more embarrassing. But hey, these things happen to the best of us.

The lesson to be learned here is to always make sure your firearm is properly loaded and ready to go.

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10-Point Buck Takes Point Blank Shot and Lives [VIDEO]