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10 Pieces of Hunting Advice From Our Grandfathers, and Why We Should Listen

10 pieces of hunting advice

Grandfathers are usually pretty wise in the ways of the world and in the ways of the woods.

Grandfathers usually have some of the best advice to give. Whether the topic is hunting, fishing, or just the ways of the world, they generally have a pretty good handle on it.

You have to remember, when they give advice, they are giving it from experience, not just from a rumor they heard (most of the time).

So with that in mind, check out these 10 pieces of hunting advice from our grandfathers and why we should listen to them to help us this season.

1. You get out of it what you put into it

This one is pretty straight forward. If all you do this season is show up on opening day with your rifle that hasn’t seen the light of day since last season, you are probably not going to harvest a trophy buck.

To really get something good out of the season you need to put in a substantial amount of effort. Trust your grandpa, it will be worth it in the end.

2. Stay in your stand

This one is a little vague, but that’s exactly what it should be. Stay in your stand, whether it means another five minutes when you are tired and ready to go home, or a day of hunting when you would rather be sitting on the couch watching football.

The only way to harvest the animal you have been hunting is to be in the stand when he passes by.

10 pieces of hunting advice
Rainer Schütz

3. Go where others won’t

It doesn’t matter if you are hunting private land, public land, or a hunting club, people tend to be lazy. They want a stand that they can either walk to in five minutes or ride an ATV to quickly and comfortably.

Deer know that and eventually stop visiting those “popular” stands. Be willing to put in the extra effort to walk deep into the woods to get to the places others can’t or just won’t.

4. Learn something from every hunt

Every time you go in the woods you should come out with more hunting knowledge than you went in with.

Make it a priority to not leave the woods until you have learned something that can help you on your next hunt. This applies to all hunts, not just deer; squirrel hunting can teach you more than you think about stalking game.

5. You can never walk too slow when hunting

Whether you are stalking or just moving to or from your stand, moving and walking too fast will be the biggest reason you get busted almost every time.

If you can hear any noise from your body moving as you walk, then you are walking too fast. Slow it down and pay more attention to everything around you.

6. Do not sweat

There are a number of ways that sweating can ruin a hunt. Avoid it at all costs.

Not only does your sweat contain scents that are almost impossible to completely cover up, but breaking a sweat will continue to bother you for the rest of your hunt. If it’s a warm weather hunt, your sweat will attract bugs that will continue to bother you for the rest of the day; if it’s cold your sweat will dry and then freeze you from the base layer out.

Do whatever it takes to avoid breaking a sweat in the first place.

10 pieces of hunting advice
Sportsmen of Tomorrow

7. Always keep your safety in mind

No matter how big the game your after, it’s not worth losing your life over. Every time you climb a tree, you need to make sure that you have a safety harness on and that you are actually using it.

Also, let someone know where you are hunting if you hunt alone. I know you don’t want to give away your prime spot, but if any serious accidents should happen you will be glad someone knows where to come look for you.

8. Get to know your gear

One of the biggest ways that you you can either spook your game or just blow a chance completely is by not knowing exactly how your gear works.

Clanging your climber around before daylight while trying to get in the tree is like sounding an alarm to let every animal in the area know that you are out in the woods.

9. Practice and skill trumps money every time

Some people think that in order to kill big game you have to spend tons of money to get all the latest gear and equipment. That is simply not true. Take your bow, or your gun, and learn to shoot it quickly, quietly, and accurately every time.

If you can do that, you are closer to killing game than someone who has a new high-dollar bow but can’t even pull back the poundage.

10. Hunting is all about patience and respect

If you were guaranteed to harvest an animal every time you went out, it wouldn’t really be hunting would it? Hunting is all about patience and putting in the time and effort required for a successful outcome.

And respect for the game is paramount, remember it is a life you are taking by pulling the trigger or releasing your arrow.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing so, but make sure you know your reasons and harvest your animal in the most respectful way possible.

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10 Pieces of Hunting Advice From Our Grandfathers, and Why We Should Listen