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10 Outstanding Christmas Gift Ideas from Uncut Angling


There's still time! Here are 10 super Christmas gift ideas from stocking stuffers to larger "wow"-type gifts for those anglers on your list.

It's not too late to fill or pad your Christmas list with some awesome gifts for the fishermen or fisherwomen in your life.

Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling has put together a great list of 10 gift ideas that is a winner. He's got gift ideas on here that cover a range of prices, from inexpensive stocking stuffers to pricier items that will make your favorite angler's eyes pop on Christmas morning.

I've included the website for each item following the video. You can't go wrong with any of these items. They're all winners.

1. Loon Outdoors Shark Tooth Spool Management System: At just under $6 for a 2-pack, this is a fantastic stocking stuffer. If I don't get a few of these I'm going to buy them myself. I absolutely love the concept behind this product. It wouldn't be a bad idea to add a Plano leader spool box to make this gift extra appreciated.

2. Pro Guide Trip: This is more of a higher priced, "big" gift. But man, what a unique present. "Booking and going on a guide trip with a professional fishing guide is one of the coolest things you can do," says Wiebe. Of course you should do a little research on the guides in your area or where your angler most loves to fish, including looking at some reviews and testimonials from other anglers who have used the guides in question. You can also make this a group gift that is given to several anglers in the family, including yourself.

3. Onyx Inflatable Life Jacket: Here's a great idea for adults anglers who are disinclined to wear a full - though safer - life jacket. These smaller, inflatable life jackets have the distinct advantage of being very low profile and pleasant to wear, which means that an angler more likely WILL wear them over a traditional life vest. That's a good thing. Wiebe advises to steer clear of the cheap $100 life jackets, and instead go for the higher quality ones that range from around $150 to $200.

4. Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-up: Wiebe says that this insulating tip-up is "the bread and butter of ice fishing for me." I'll confirm that. It's a great, even necessary item for serious ice fishermen. Wiebe adds another ice fishing tip up to his list with the iFishPro Tip-up, which works similarly in that it covers the ice hole but uses your ice fishing rod as the line and fish fighting source. I've not tried this item, but I'll be gifting myself a couple this season (if we ever get any ice this year!).

5. Maui Jim Polarized Sunglasses Peahi Model: Every angler needs a set of polarized sunglasses. Whether you can or are willing to spend $230 on a gift for someone, well, that's the question. Wiebe speaks very highly of these Maui Jim sunglasses, but he also recognizes that perfectly serviceable sunglasses can also be had for a fraction of the Maui Jim price. Either way, polarized sunglasses are a great gift.

6. Do-It-Yourself Mapping Tool: I'll be sharing Wiebe's video on how the Humminbird Autochart works in the next day or two. It's new technology that allows you to create a detailed real-time map of a body of water you're fishing, as you fish it. If your fisherman is also a tech geek, this might be a perfect Christmas gift.

7. Big Eye Leather Walleye Skin Wallet: This is a very cool wallet, and a very cool gift idea. Honestly, I would love it if someone in my family gifted me one of these (hint, hint).

8. Aqua Vu Micro II Underwater Camera: I'm surprised that this cool little gadget is priced at only around $250. With ice fishing season almost upon us, this is another item I'm dropping big hints on to my family. Of course it's not just a winter ice fishing tool; you can use it all year long to get a direct peek at what's under your boat.

9. Plano 1460 WaterProof Case: Do you remember when fishermen used to use ziplock bags to try to keep valuables from getting wet? I do, because that's exactly what I've been using for years. No more. Plano declares that these cases, which come in all sizes, "provide an airtight and waterproof environment for wallets, phones, cameras and other electronics. Inside the case, a slip-resistant rubber pad prevents fragile items from sliding around and causing potential damage." This is another inexpensive great gift idea.

10. Shimano Stradic HG FK: Lastly, here is the crème de la crème item on this Christmas gift list, the Shimano Stradic FK. "Everyone who fishes knows what a Stradic is, and wants a Stradic," declares Wiebe. "And if they already have a Stradic they want another Stradic...Every single Stradic is absolutely awesome."

This is an awesome list of great Christmas gift items. But there are more than this even. Check out the link below for another batch of great gift ideas from the Flukemaster.

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10 Outstanding Christmas Gift Ideas from Uncut Angling