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10 Outdoor Gear Products You Should Buy Today

All this outdoor gear is on sale, if and only if you use the coupon code inside.

6 - allen fishing vest


Get a load of these great deals from our pals at Sierra Trading Post, who have a great coupon coded discount going on that we wanted to share with you. Why? Because this is the type of gear we have on our wish lists, and know it will be on yours too.

View the slideshow to see the deals and get the coupon code.

Black Diamond Equipment Spot Headlamp 

The closeout deal is pretty great on this headlamp from Black Diamond. It gets the job done with adjustable light settings from the one-watt LED. Your dusk and after dark duties, like tracking some blood, starting a fire, or cleaning the last of the fish you caught, are a lot easier with these puppies. It will shine for up to 140 hours with the proximity setting, and comes in Lime Green, Mars Red or Titanium.

Take an extra 20% off this and more Sierra Trading Post items with code AVCLOVER4. The offer is valid through April 9, 2014.

ALPS Mountaineering Echo Lake Sleeping Bag

A camping, hunting or overnight stay anywhere is made a little better with this ALPS Mountaineering Echo Lake Sleeping Bag. Rated to, um, zero degrees Fahrenheit, this mummy bag stuffs all the way down to 18 by 11 inches, not a lot of room considering its girth and insulation.

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You’ll get 20% off your complete Sierra Trading Post order with code AVCLOVER4 through April 9, 2014.

Pro Line Hidden Trail II Knee Boots 

Great for hunting boots when mud and marshy terrain is ahead of you, the Pro Line Hidden Trail II Knee Boots could be used for plenty of other heavy duty jobs when typical camo boots won’t do.

The vulcanized rubber is as waterproof as waterproof gets, and a tall, thick heel will protect your feet better than the average rubber boot. Word has it they run a full size big, so order small.

A 20% discount can be yours when you use the coupon code AVCLOVER4 as long as you order from Sierra Trading Post by April 9, 2014.

Columbia Sportswear Bonehead Fishing Shirt 

Won’t be long, and we’ll all be able to break out the short sleeves for some fishing trips. When the sun comes out and the temperatures warm up, consider the Columbia Sportswear Bonehead Fishing Shirt. It’s equipped with fly box pockets, rod and tool holders, and a utility loop that, well, you know you’ll find a use for.

Use the AVCLOVER4 coupon code to get 20% off this and anything else you purchase from Sierra Trading Post.

Columbia Sportswear Tamiami II Fishing Shirt (For Women) 

You won’t need to look further for the ideal women’s fishing shirt, one that fits and looks just about perfect. The Columbia Sportswear Tamiami II Fishing Shirt comes in some cool colors and has the always reliable Columbia brand to back up its performance.

Omni-Dry Polyester and and a very light weight make it a great gift, maybe even for Mothers Day.

Use coupon code AVCLOVER4 to get 20% off this and more from Sierra Trading Post. Also, just to give you a little extra incentive, remember that you can take 25% off an order of $125, or 30% off a $200 order with code AVMAR4. Valid through April 9, 2014.

Allen Co. Rogue River Fishing Vest 

If you need a little more than a shirt, and a vest is on your wish list, check out the Allen Co. Rogue River Fishing Vest. The mesh lined interior keeps things cool and dry, and a grand total of ten front pockets will hold anything you need for any trip, we promise.

Count on some more latch points and a rod keeper to be included as well.

AVCLOVER4 will get you 20% off this item when you get it from Sierra Trading Post. Be sure to do it by the April 4, 2014 deadline.

Black Diamond Equipment Wiz LED Headlamp 

Another useful and trustworthy headlamp from Black Diamond, the Equipment Wiz is LED powered as well. Electric Blue and Electric Pink spice up the color choices, and it has a breakaway elastic safety strap.

The headlamp will automatically dim to dark after two hours, just in case you leave it on. Here’s hoping that’s not the moment your hands are full of fish fillets or deer tenderloins.

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If you use coupon code AVCLOVER4 when you purchase this or anything from Sierra Trading Post, you’ll get 20% until April 4, 2014.

Smith Optics Terrace Sunglasses 

Smith has always produced some great sunglasses, and the Terrace is no exception. Carbonic TLT lenses are impact resistant and offer maximized visual clarity. Don’t worry anglers, they’re polarized.

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Don’t forget, AVCLOVER4 takes 20% off your Sierra trading Post order, but you can take 25% off an order of $125, or 30% off a $200 order with code AVMAR4. Valid through April 9, 2014.

Browning Wasatch Vapor Max T-Shirt 

Here’s another brand favorite of the Wide Open Spaces crew: the Browning Wasatch Vapor Max shirt is top notch camo. When turkey, deer or predator hunting, camo makes or breaks success. If you think that’s wrong, you’re probably wearing the wrong camo.

Use AVCLOVER4 for 20% off this fine product from Sierra trading Post, Good through April 4, 2014.

Sage Vantage 2-Piece Rod and Reel Combo Case

If you aren’t familiar with Sage, you should be. The fishing company has the perfect way to store and protect your prized rod and reel. With their Vantage 2-Piece Rod and Reel Combo Case, you won’t have to worry a bit. A tough nylon cover will take the scrapes and scuffs, but it’s the PVC tubing that really does the heavy lifting.

When you add the AVCLOVER4 coupon code to your order, Sierra Trading Post will give you 20% their already low prices. Plus,you can take 25% off an order of $125, or 30% off a $200 order with code AVMAR4. Valid through April 9, 2014.

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10 Outdoor Gear Products You Should Buy Today