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10 of the Dumbest Things People Ever Did With Guns

dumbest things people did with guns

When people do dumb things with guns, someone's probably going to get hurt.

Whether it starts with alcohol or just plain negligence, disrespecting a loaded gun will have long-lasting consequences. Check out these idiotic things people did with guns.

Gun safety should be a paramount concern whenever you're handling a gun. It goes without saying that you should always treat every gun as if it's loaded. Always follow basic safety rules and use your head.

Check out what can happen if you don't...


1. The making of a cyclops...

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How do you shoot a rifle and make sure you get "scope eye?" This young lady is about to get an A+ in that lesson. While that may be an air rifle, when she eventually tries to shoot a centerfire rifle, there will be a much different outcome. Hopefully she learned from her mistake after this shot.

2. Pistol barrels make great ear plugs?

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All we can say is hopefully this was a horribly staged picture. The ATF hat brings quite a chuckle, don't you think? You wouldn't think a man in law enforcement would be protecting his hearing with a semi-automatic pistol. We recommend all American gun owners, and those anywhere for that matter, to refrain from being this foolish.

3. Dump black powder all over the shooting bench and...

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This muzzleloading rifle shooter should clean up his act. While loading his rifle, he spilled black powder all over the loading bench. When he fires the rifle, the situation quickly escalates. The pile ignited, and we're certain he at least lost some eyebrows in this gun-handling fail. Sometimes the best self-defense might be stepping away from the firing line.

4. Let's stick a shotgun barrel in water and pull the trigger...

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A bored buck hunter was looking for some action. He placed the shotgun barrel of his loaded firearm into the river, and with one trigger pull, completely destroyed the barrel. The barrel below the water was never seen again. This hunter luckily didn't appear to suffer any injuries.

5. 1858 Remington black powder revolver loaded with smokeless powder...

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What is the way to destroy a black powder percussion revolver? Load that weapon up with smokeless powder. The higher pressures are sure to take apart that weapon like a grenade. Any responsible shooter should know better.

6. Cowboy shooting with smokeless powder...

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This photo caught a shooter in the act of using smokeless powder, or a duplex load of both, in a black powder revolver. As you can see, the barrel decided to go downrange, too. Don't try this at your gun range.

7. Steel-toe boots will not stop bullets...

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A man with a .45-caliber pistol wanted to see how tough his steel-toe boots were. As you can see, this little stunt sent him straight to E.R. Always keep loaded weapons pointed in a safe direction and never do something stupid like this!

8. Unloading a .45 loaded with hollow-points can leave a mark...

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When a coyote hunter was unloading his handgun, he had a negligent discharge. A .45-caliber hollow-point ripped through his leg. This accidental discharge put the hurt on the hunter and not the game.

9. Don't put your hand in front of a .40 S&W pistol while drawing...

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Quick-draw practice doesn't include putting a bullet through your hand. This unintentional discharge from this particular gun just about took this man's hand off. Always keep your trigger finger out of the trigger guard until you're going to fire! Remember, it's hard to use your carry gun without a hand to load it with.

10. Remove all obstructions from any gun barrel before firing.

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When using a bore sight or a cleaning rod, forgetting to remove that barrel obstruction can be catastrophic. The barrel will burst and may injure you or others in the area. Don't be that moron.

Here in the United States, there are many organizations like the National Rifle Association that offer firearms training. With some education, you can curb accidental discharges and gross negligence of firearms safety before injuries occur.

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