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10 Newest Fishing Female Celebrities [PICS]

Here is the next wave of fishing female celebrities to look out for. 

Maddie Brenneman

These women have been making a fast-paced rise in the fishing industry lately and it has been absolutely epic to watch. From big name sponsors, to television shows, to thousands upon thousands of followers on social media, these fishing female celebrities are helping to take fishing to a whole new level of inclusion.

These ladies are sending a strong message that fishing isn't just for the boys.

The following list of fishing female celebrities has been compiled based on a number of criteria but most importantly, it is their reach in the fishing industry that has caught our, and the fishing public's, attention.

Click below to see the next stage of big time fishing female celebrities.

Nicole Jacobs

Facebook/Nicole Jacobs

Nicole Jacobs just might be the nest big thing in bass fishing. As an FLW Tour co-angler, she is chasing fish all over the country in a huge way. Her biggest sponsors include Walmart, Coleman, and HUK Performance Fishing.

Cindy Nguyen

Facebook/Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen is a Columbia PFG Team Member since early 2015. She has also been seen on the covers of "Coastal Angler," "Salt Water Sportsman," and "Fly & Light Tackle Angler." Cindy is also a "Florida Sportsman" contributing writer.

Kayla Nevius

Facebook/Kayla Nevius

Kayla Nevius is all over the California bass fishing scene. Her pictures with her holding giant swimbait bass are popping up all over the Internet. Now you can finally put a name to face you have probably been seeing!

Darcie Arahill

Facebook/Darcie Arahill

Darcie Arahill, or commonly known as Darcizzle, is a flat-out YouTube sensation. With thousands of subscribers to all of her social media outlets, it's hard not to associate Darcie with south Florida fishing.

Paula Shearer

Facebook/Paula Shearer

Paula Shearer guides for trout on the Bow River and other mountain streams in southern Alberta. She has also been seen on several television shows featured on WFN as well.

Brittney Novalsky

Facebook/Brittney Novalsky

Brittney Novalsky is blazing a trail for women everywhere in the world of fishing. She teaches women's only classes for all things fishing at Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountains all over Florida.

Luiza Barros

Facebook/Luiza Barros

Luiza Barros is on magazine cover after magazine cover. Most likely, she is on the cover of a popular fishing magazine on a newsstand right down the street from you right now. She is also a writer, spearfisherman, and photographer.

Maddie Brenneman

Facebook/Maddie Brenneman

Maddie Brenneman is the head fly fishing guide at C Lazy U Ranch of Granby, Colorado. With just under 17K Instagram followers already, she is on her way to the top.

Rebekka Redd

Facebook/Rebekka Redd

Rebekka Redd is a fisherman's fisherman. She is an American Museum of Fly Fishing Ambassador as well as the host of "The New Fly Fisher TV" on WFN.

Krista Tucker

Facebook/Krista Tucker

Krista Tucker is a professional fisherman out of Florida. She chases tournaments all over the ocean and is making a name for herself in the process.

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10 Newest Fishing Female Celebrities [PICS]