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10 Must-Have AR Accessories

Trick out your AR with these ideal accessories.

The AR platform is reliable, versatile and accurate. It's also made for accessorizing.

Here's a look at 10 must-have AR accessories.

1. Suppressors

A suppressor can save your hearing, make it possible to shoot in areas with less-than-understanding neighbors and you might even seen an increase in accuracy.

If your state allows for suppressor use and ownership, this is one accessory worth a serious look.

2. Grips

Pistol grip and trigger that are on an AR-15

The grip is your connection to the rifle. Making that connection as comfortable and custom as possible will make you more accurate.

There is no shortage of great grips available and you can choose from an almost infinite array of styles.

You can find grips from Bravo Company, MagPul, Ergo Grips and many others.

3. Triggers

Many ARs come with great triggers. Many do not. You can almost always benefit from a trigger upgrade and there's no shortage of companies offering top-end triggers for your AR. Check out Timney and Rock River Arms.

4. Charging Handles

An AR will not fire until charged. The charging handle is as critical as any component on your rifle. Why not upgrade yours to match your style and preference?

You can find charging handles for specific uses ranging from hunting to quick-fire shooting competitions.

5. Optics

An optic makes all kinds of sense on an AR. One of the selling points of the AR platform is its ability to be highly accurate. To do that you need a great barrel, excellent trigger and an aiming system that can take advantage of those parts.

The Trijicon ACOG has proven to be one of the most durable and preferred optics in the AR game.

6. Ambidextrous Safety Selector

If you're a lefty, you know how important this add-on is.

Most guns are made for right-handed shooters. Reaching around for the safety is more than a hassle, it's a safety issue. Some ARs come with ambi safety setups. If yours doesn't, adding one is simple.

Troy Industries makes some of the best.


7. Stock

You can't own an AR without owning a custom stock. Well, you can. But why would you?

The stock is what makes your rifle "yours." It fits you, suits you and custom options abound.

Blackhawk! offers a ton of options for custom stocks and installation is easy.

8. Barrels

You bought your AR with a barrel. Why would you need a new one? Well, plenty of reasons.

For starters, many "afforable" ARs come with junky barrels that aren't nearly as accurate as they could be. You can also shoot out a barrel over time.

A replacement barrel can shave weight, improve performance and increase resale value.

Daniel Defense has a full line of barrels that have proven popular with serious AR shooters.

9. Lights

If you use your AR for personal defense (and an AR does make for a great personal defense weapon), a tactical light is a great accessory.

The rail system on the AR platform makes mounting lights a breeze and there's no shortage of companies offering top-notch tactical lights that are rugged and made to survive the recoil of a firearm.

10. Receivers

Owning an AR without changing uppers and lowers is sort of like owning a Camaro and never driving it on the highway.

You can do it but it just doesn't seem right.

Changing out the upper or lower receiver on an AR is simple due to the AR's ease of component replacement. Most receivers will work on any AR but buying an upper/lower pair from the same company will typically eliminate any issues in fit and finish.


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10 Must-Have AR Accessories