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10 Minutes of Awesome Ledge Fishing with Kevin VanDam [VIDEO]

Kevin VanDam has made a ton of money fishing cranks in open water near underwater ledges and structure.

VanDam beats the banks for largemouth bass too, but I think he prefers the open water crankbait bite.

And why wouldn’t he? Once an angler gets some confidence with cranking in open water without visible structure; the game is on.

He seemed to have found the fish with the crankbait, then slowed down and fished something different. You couldn’t get a look at the bait as the video would cut before he threw out the last few times, and whatever it was seemed obscured for the little time he spent in front of the fixed camera with those last couple fish.

He was obviously on the bottom, but almost looked to be dead-sticking a jerkbait. But that wasn’t it either.

I’m thinking it was a jig or shaky head with some kind of soft plastic. What do you think?

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10 Minutes of Awesome Ledge Fishing with Kevin VanDam [VIDEO]