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10 Things You Should Do Instead of Watching March Madness

Here's what you should be doing instead of watching the March Madness basketball tournament.

The NCAA college basketball tournament has kicked off. You've probably been glued to your TV in hopes of watching some exciting March Madness bracket busters. Well, I'm just as guilty.

However, there's a laundry list of more important things we could be doing instead. I mean, it's not like we can't hop on YouTube or a popular sports website to catch all the highlights and scores afterwards. That is what we're most interested in seeing, right?

Anyway, it's an exciting time of year for us outdoor men and women. There's plenty of better things we could be doing with our time. So to prove it, I've compiled a list of 10 outdoor related things you should be doing instead of watching the March Madness tournament.

So grab your remote, turn off the game and get outdoors.

1. Bass fishing

March Madness
Soggy Bottom Lodge

It's time for some lip-rippin. Round up your fishing buddies and hit the water hole. The state record bass is waiting for your bait!

2. Shed hunting

March Madness

It's time to start adding bucks to the hit list for next season. Get out there and find some bone, wild animals are fixing to beat you to it.

3. Turkey scouting

March Madness
Arizona Wanderings

Spring turkey hunting season is right around the corner. It's time to locate the birds so you can formulate your hunting strategy this spring.

4. Practice your turkey calling techniques

March Madness
OId Time Music

Now's the time to start talking turkey. If you want to have a successful season, you'll need to brush up on your turkey calling techniques.

5. Sight in your turkey gun

March Madness
Game and Fish

Don't wait until it's too late. It's time to dial in your turkey gun and tune your chokes.

6. Restring your bow

March Madness
Archery Talk

I'm sure your bow could use some loving. It's the perfect time to get it restrung. You'll be happy you did when archery season sneaks up on you.

7. Shoot your bow

March Madness
Schriever AFB

The time to hone in your archery skills in now. Let those arrows fly until you hit your mark. You'll be more confident in the stand next season.

8. Plan your food plot strategy

March Madness
Cambush Camo

Late spring will be here before you know it. Start figuring out what and where you're planting your food plot. The deer are waiting!

9. Plan your trail camera setup

March Madness
Wired to Hunt

Figure out your trail camera setup now, when the hunting pressure is low. When it's time to setup your cameras you'll be in-n-out without educating the deer on your property.

10. Hiking

March Madness
Photo Katz

Get to your local park, reservoir or state game land and get some hiking in. It's time to walk off those winter pounds. Beach season is quickly approaching!

Trust me, I'm a big sports fan too. But I'm sure you can agree that these activities are more important than who wins the next college basketball game. Plus, now you won't be as upset when you lose your March Madness bracket.

So make the most of your time this month by embracing the outdoors.


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10 Things You Should Do Instead of Watching March Madness