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A YouTube Collection on the 10 Lesser-Known Ways to Catch Lunker Bass [VIDEO]

So you want to catch a lunker bass? These are the best lesser-known ways to ensure landing that trophy of a lifetime.

Have you been searching up and down for those elusive tips to catch those bass you only see on TV? What are the secrets to achieving this success, you ask?

Well, it’s all out in the open and it’s right here. We’ve gathered these tidbits from around the web and concocted a surefire way to put a lunker bass into your sneaky little hands.

Don’t be tellin’ now; keep it on the DL.

1. Chuck That Bait in the Tree

Remember all those times when your lure ended up in the trees? Remember all the colorful language you used? Well maybe karma was telling you something.


2. Throw a Plastic Frog as Far as You Can and Then Reel it in Like a Madman

A soft bait plastic frog is a subtle, slow presentation lure. It should be launched in a way that sets it on the water with minimal splash, left to still itself and then retrieved with an easy popping motion.



3. Fish in That Ditch at the End of the Street

We all have that honey hole drain-pipe down the street that we look at every day but have never taken the time to throw a soft bait into.

Maybe after this we’ll try.


4. Find a Lunker and Make Friends with Him

Once you locate a lunker take a little time to get to know him. Maybe he likes bluegills or maybe he likes sushi.

In either case you’ll both be better for it.


5. Fish in the Storm Sewer

You heard me, now go and pop the top, drop a line, and pull your lunker out of one today.


6. With a Bucket in the Backyard

Okay, it’s a carp. But it’s a lesser known way to catch one.

And it’s a lunker.


7. Use an RC Boat

This is a great way to land a lunker and still drink your beer. You’ve never been able to fish around the rocks, or set the hook quite like you can when you fish this way.

Is technology ruining the outdoors? Not when it’s this much fun.


8. By Hand

Why didn’t we think of this before? It saves on gear and we love having more beer money.

I mean we were just going to put our thumb in his lip any way.


9. Again…

The trick here is to actually land the lunker.


10. Pure Luck

They say that it’s better to be lucky than good. With that in mind, if I had some video of all the times that I caught a lunker that was pure luck, I would own YouTube.


I hope you enjoyed today’s lecture on the lesser-known ways to catch a lunker bass. Somewhere in these videos is a method to this madness. Without trying to reason why, just know that the best plans sometimes don’t work.

That’s when we have to rely on the lesser-known ideas.

If this is thinking out of the box, then I want out of the box.

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A YouTube Collection on the 10 Lesser-Known Ways to Catch Lunker Bass [VIDEO]