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10 Items Every Hunter Should Carry [PICS]

Alex Burton

Be prepared for almost anything in the field with these simple hunting items. 

When it comes to packing your gear before heading out into the field, everyone has different items they like to bring along. Some people like to go all out and load themselves down to cover any possible need, while others like to carry the minimum amount to get them through the day.

Whichever type of person you are, here are 10 basic items every hunter should carry with them at all times.

1. Knives

You should have multiple knives on you at all times. At the very least you shouldn’t leave the house without a good, large sheath knife for gutting and skinning and a pocket knife.

I like to carry a field processing knife kit in my pack that can do everything from gutting to butchering if need be.

2. Knife Sharpener

A dull knife is a worthless knife. Nothing dulls a knife out faster than skinning game and cutting through joints while in the field. So having a knife sharpener on hand is smart.


3. Flashlight/Headlamp 

A light source is a no brainer. A good headlamp is great to have if you take a deer late in the evening and find yourself field dressing after dark.

It will keep your hands free while you work and prevent you from having to balance a flashlight between your cheek and shoulder.

4. Basic First Aid

A compact camping first aid kit goes a long way anytime you are in the field. They are great for patching up small cuts and scrapes, stings, bites, and other small medical needs.

5. Trauma(Quick Clot) Pak

Although I hope I never have to use it, I always carry a Trauma Pak with me.

Having one of these in you pack could save yours or someone else’s life if they are accidentally shot or suffer a major accident with heavy bleeding.


6. Emergency Whistle

Everyone should keep one of the orange safety whistles on their person when out hunting.

If you were to accidentally get lost or severely hurt they can help others quickly locate you, especially if you are in full camouflage and hard to see.

7. Basic Survival Kit

Every outdoorsmen should have a basic survival kit on hand at all times. It should contain the five Cs: Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, and Cordage.

8. Rope

Rope is another item that you should never leave home without, especially while deer hunting.

You can make up a harness to drag a deer out, hang game from a tree for skinning, tie it off to your bow or gun for getting into your stand, along with a billion other uses.


9. Binoculars

I never head out on a hunt without binoculars.

Not only can they be used to spot game in the distance, but help you find possible places to avoid shooting or spot other hunters they you may not have known were there.

10. Toilet Paper

This is probably one of the most overlooked items for outdoorsmen. You will really wish you hadn’t forgotten it when you’re trying to wipe with leaves or moss.

With these 10 items you will be prepared to handle just about anything in the field. The best part is these are all lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space in your pack leaving you plenty of room for anything else you feel you need to bring along.

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10 Items Every Hunter Should Carry [PICS]