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10 INSANE Topwater Strike GIFs to Get You Pumped for Spring Bass [VIDEO]


BEWARE: If you have cabin fever, do not watch the following GIFs. They may lead to depression, excessive tackle organization, and in some cases, death. Who are we kidding, watch them anyway!

Depending on your geographic location, topwater bass fishing could be a long ways off yet. Still, one can dream, right? Check out these amazing GIFs and get amped up for spring bass fishing!

1. Bass Eats Duckling

Let’s start off with this amazing clip of a solid bass, probably in the three-to four-pound range, absolutely nuking a poor duckling.


2. Big Bass

Many of us have seen this video clip that went viral a year or two ago- an East Coast angler was reeling up his frog to make another cast when an absolute behemoth nine-pound three-ounce bass destroys the bait. Very impressive that the angler was able to keep his composure and land this fish on such a short line. Even more amazing to capture it all on video. Truly a GoPro enthusiast’s dream footage right here.

3. Patience is a Virtue

Experienced frog anglers know when a fish has the bait and when it doesn’t. This angler stays patient and that big bass comes back to inhale the bait!


4. Perfect Strike

I absolutely love it when this happens. In fact, sometimes I’ll try to hang the bait in cover on purpose to draw a strike just like this. Nothing cooler than breaking bushes into bits with your hook-set under the weight of a big ol’ bass!


5. Speechless Bite

Running a buzzfrog over sparse emergent vegetation is a great way to cover water. When a bass strikes your bait, its a serious rush. When a six-pounder gets airborn while gobbling up your lure… I just don’t have words to say. This is unbelievable.

6. Tree Shaker

Here’s an even better look at the bush hangin’ technique we just mentioned. This bass truly is a “tree shaker!” And I have goosebumps…

7. Topwater Spook

That’s enough frog fishing for now. How about a topwater walking bait? When the fish get to chasing shad in the late summer, a topwater “spook” is a great bait. There is nothing more exciting than watching fish track the bait like this one does– often missing the bait several times before getting the hook.

Oftentimes, bass are trying to stun the bait before making the final kill, so be patient, keep walking the bait, and wait until you feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook.

Then hang on!!!


8. Nerve-Wracking Nibble

Oh, goodness…You ever try cocaine? Hopefully not, but here is a good substitute. Nothing will wrack your nerves like seeing the entire body of a giant bass as it grabs your bait in a tournament. The 25- to 30-second fight that ensues will seem like an eternity as you try desperately not to lose this game-changing fish.

9. Do You Want It?

Do you think this bass wanted that topwater plug?

10. Internet Winner

Okay, this is it. You win the internet Mr. Poppin’ Frog Eatin’ Bass. I’m done.



Spring is right around the corner. If you’re still reading this, and you haven’t succumbed to a heart attack or other topwater bass fishing drug-induced injury, you’d better get your gear ready. If you need me I’ll be in my boat… waiting patiently for the ice and snow to melt.

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10 INSANE Topwater Strike GIFs to Get You Pumped for Spring Bass [VIDEO]