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10 Most Innovative Hunting Products Shown off at SHOT Show

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We've scoured the items presented this year to bring you the 10 most innovative hunting products shown off at SHOT Show.

It's better than Christmas! With all the fantastic new items presented this week, it's hard to know where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of the most innovative hunting products revealed at SHOT Show this year.

1. Benelli 828U

The newest shotgun from Benelli, the 828U is ultra durable, lightweight (weighing in at 6.5 pounds), and has an innovative steel locking system that is going to change how you think about over and unders.


2. Alps Commander X pack

The new pack in the Alps Commander series has all the features. The thing that makes it the best pack you'll ever own is that the pack itself is removable. And with a few small moves, you can change the frame so that you can pack any large game animal out of the woods.

3. IRIS Hunter Safety Detection System

The infrared retroreflector identification system, or IRIS, is the newest safety mechanism from Hunter's Safety Lab. With a combination of a sensor for a gun and patches for clothing, the system alerts the hunter whenever someone is near by.

4. Winchester Deer Season XP

The first bullet designed especially for deer hunting, the Winchester Deer Season XP comes with a polymer tip to allow for rapid expansion and maximum damage.


5. Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Load

It's hard to believe this is the first time anyone has done this. Federal created the ultimate turkey hunting load. With a combination of five-, six-, and seven-shot, this shotgun shell gives you a long range of distance shooting without ever having to worry about what shell you're using.

6. Syren XPL5 Water Fowler

The first fowl gun made for women by women, this 12-gauge is designed with less recoil and is balanced for smaller hands.

7. Wildgame K Series Cloak 4 LIGHTSOUT

This innovative game camera has a one-second trigger speed, takes still pictures and videos, and has a long-range flash. Its use of black LED lights make it nearly invisible to deer, getting you more shots at closer angles.

8. GoPro Sportsman Mount

Finally, GoPro has made a mount, just for sportsmen. The Sportsman Mount attaches to rifles, handguns, shotguns, bows, and even fishing rods to let you capture your trophy moments. Designed with non-reflective metal and extra stabilization, it's a hunter's dream.


9. Oakley Tombstone Shooting Eyewear

Although they're designed for target shooting, these new glasses from Oakley are also great in the field. The rimless lens give you a huge range of vision, while the tint increases the contrast, allowing you to find your target quickly.

10. Cabela's Euro HD 15 x 56 Binoculars

Cabela's outdid itself with its new Euro HD binoculars. Designed with European optics, these lenses are waterproof, fogproof and feature a special coating to increase light transmission. Made from aluminum and covered with a rubber alloy, these are meant to be used.

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10 Most Innovative Hunting Products Shown off at SHOT Show