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Is a 10-Inch Plastic Worm Too Long? [VIDEO]

Big bait usually means a big catch, but is a 10-inch plastic worm too long?

Take a look at this video from Wired2Fish that highlights a 10-inch plastic worm being used for big bass.

The folks at Wired2Fish are a great resource, but it got us wondering, how long is too long?

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The kind of bait you use depends on a lot of factors, and namely it’s the size of the game fish you’re targeting that narrows the decision.

If you’re going for big lunkers, a 10-inch worm isn’t overkill. But make sure you let it hit the bottom, as the video suggested, to get the full effect.

The simple answer to the title question is no, 10 inches is not too long. It may be for someone fishing in a small pond, where bass don’t get too large, but not for others where lunkers are known to be found.

Above all, know your water body and do what you can to understand how big the fish in it likely are. Your lure choice will reflect that, and hopefully help you out.

How do you determine the length of your plastic worms?

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Is a 10-Inch Plastic Worm Too Long? [VIDEO]