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10 Hunting and Scouting Products You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

There are hunting and scouting products for everything; here are 10 that you did not even know you needed.

As soon as hunting season hits my truck is full of hunting and scouting products. There is a saying that for every job there is a tool, and I believe for every hunting task there is a product. Here are 10 hunting and scouting products to prove my point:

1. Hunting Tool Box

Ever need a set of pliers while in the field? Or run into a situation where a screwdriver could make your life so much easier? It is always useful to keep the essential tools nearby. I would rather not need and have, than need and not have. Too many close calls have forced me to leave a hunting tool box in the truck. I have everything I could possibly need to completely disassemble any one of my guns, just in case. Believe me when I say this has come in useful many, many times.

2. Turkey Tuque

All though the turkey tuque sounds like it is for turkeys in cold climates since a tuque is a winter hat, it is actually a great product to keep your clothes and truck clean. I have always carried turkey over my shoulder as I walked back to my truck and by the time I got there blood was all over the back of my jacket and pants.  The turkey tuque stops this mess as it is a rubber sleeve much like a condom that you roll over its head, keeping the blood enclosed and not spilling everywhere. It has saved my clothes for a few seasons now.

3. Wireless Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are an important part of patterning the deer where you hunt. You can tell how many there are, if there are any big old bucks, and even when they tend to visit a certain area. The problem is you have to go in to get the SD cards to look at the photos and every time you do, the deer know you were there. Go too often and you risk spooking them. Now there are several trail cameras that are wireless so you do not need to get any closer than 100 yards (some even further). No more spooking even the most shy of deer.

4. Trail pads

Not only are these great to download and view your trail camera pictures right in the field, but you can use these pads for scouting as well. Some have maps were you can mark locations of such things as your trail cameras, tree stands, or even were their bedding areas are. Some even have internet access for those all day hunts in your stand.

5. The Bear-ier

As Seen On The Dragon’s Den, this product (Which can be seen here) is a series of downward pointing claws that create a barrier on the tree for bears so you do not receive a nasty surprise such as this guy did.

6. Hunting forecaster

Deer activity is influenced by moon phase, weather patterns, and time of day. Having a gadget that can show all this information in one place can be very useful. Deciphering this information for you and predicting their level of activity is invaluable.  Best part is, you can down load an app to your phone that will turn your phone into this gadget for free. With all the expensive hunting and scouting products, it is great to find a useful free one.

7. Motion Detection Sensor

The buck alert is a great way to give you an early warning to deer coming toward you. It will let you know when motion has been detected along a trail or in your blind spot. With up to 3 sensors sending notification to one hand held base, you can monitor the entrance to 2 shooting lanes and set one up in your blind spot. This product makes sure no deer can sneak up on you without you getting ready to take the shot.

8. Under Armour Thermal Coyote Boot

Having just been displayed at the Shot Show 2016 you may not have heard or seen these boots yet but keep an eye out for them. Not only is this a good looking boot, but it is waterproof, warm, and high tech as well. The heaters in the soles are controlled by blue tooth so you never have to worry about cold feet again. You can adjust the heat with your smart phone. Any hunter that hits those cold mornings and evenings knows how important warm boots are.

9. Treestand Buddy

Ever have a hanging tree stand stolen? Have you ever had several hunting locations and spent hours setting up multiple tree stands? Then you are going to love the tree stand buddy. What it does is act as a receiver to your hanging tree stand so you can quickly and easily slid it into place. Set up the base against the tree at your desired height and location and when you want to hunt you slide you tree stand onto it. You can set up multiple bases and move a tree stand from one base to the next based on wind direction or time of season. Check out this video to see how it works.

10. Flir Scout Thermal Imaging Monocular

Ever want to see in the dark? Now you can with this entry level thermal imaging monocular. With a starting price of $599 it may be pricey but worth every penny. With 5 hour battery life, the ability to store 1000 jpeg images or 4 hours of video, this little device is amazing. With the ability to see past 100 yards you will see those deer and coyotes before they see you, perfect for scouting in the late evening or early morning. Learn more at their website.

No matter what it is you hunt for or what season you hunt in, these 10 hunting and scouting products are just what you need. I can’t wait for those heated boots to hit the market.

What is on your hunting wish list?


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10 Hunting and Scouting Products You Didn’t Even Know You Needed