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10 Hunting Resolutions for a Better New Year

These 10 hunting resolutions will help guarantee a more successful hunting New Year.

As we wrap up 2014, people are starting to think about New Year resolutions for 2015. For most of us, there are plenty of things we would like to do better next year in all aspects of our life. For now let's look at the hunting aspect of our New Year resolutions. Here are 10 resolutions you can make to improve your hunting next year.

1. Build that stand

The new year is a great time to get a new stand in the woods. The paths are clear, the underbrush is at a minimum, and you remember how the deer are moving. Whether you just clear a spot for a new pop up or quick install blind, hang a permanent treestand, or maybe build your own blind, the start of the year is a great time to do it.

2. Cut trails

The first couple of months of the year are the best time to cut trails. Many of the smaller, more time consuming, plants are already dead and that means less work for you. Laying the groundwork in January and February for a clean trail system can make it much more effective and much easier to maintain the rest of the year.

3. Look for antler sheds

While this resolution may not improve your hunting, it is a really fun way to spend time in the woods. The more you know about the deer you are hunting the better, and finding sheds can be a very good way to learn about your deer. You can number and age the bucks in your population to help ensure quality deer management. You can also use the antler sheds you find to make some pretty neat things.

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4. Get in hunting shape

Getting in shape is always a popular choice for a New Year resolution. While I'm not saying that you should resolve to get to the gym every day, you can get in better hunting shape. Just a few simple exercises a couple times a week can make a big difference. Remember spring turkey season is just around the corner.

5. Hunt something new

This is a great New Year resolution for any hunter. I can almost guarantee that there is something out there that you have never hunted. Pick a new game, study and learn about it, and then head into the woods to chase it. Whether you are successful or not you will most likely learn something that can help you in the future.

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6. Introduce hunting to someone

Yes I know you want the land all to yourself so you can take that monster you have been chasing for years, but trust me, introducing someone to hunting can be just as rewarding.

Find someone who has never been hunting or even just been hunting for a specific game and talk them into going with you. Pretty soon you will have a new lifelong hunting buddy.

7. Take a kid hunting

Taking a kid hunting can change their life forever. I know that I am a different person today because of people who took the time to take me hunting. There are many programs available that will introduce you to children who want to hunt or you can find your own through friends and family. What only takes a day out of your season will last a lifetime in the mind of a young hunter.

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8. Be a year-round hunter

A good hunter practices their sport all year long, not just during the season. This resolution can be played out in a couple of different ways; One way can mean that you spend time in the woods either hunting other game, stalking, scouting, or even just photographing the wildlife. It can also mean doing your homework. Keep checking Wide Open Spaces to get new ideas and techniques for next season and then practice them.

9. Buy a custom call

As long as there have been hunters there have been custom call makers. While there are good qualities to many of the big name brand calls there is something special about a custom call.

Not only can you get a call customised to your liking but it is really cool to be able to meet and get to know the person who makes your favorite call. Many callmakers are extremely nice and you can make new friends and hunting partners through them.

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10. Visit your stands every month

Making a hunting resolution to visit your stands at least once a month will help to know exactly what the conditions of your hunting land are all year. This resolution will also help to keep your trails and paths clear.

Just take your clippers with you when you go to the stand and cup back the new growth on every trip. A little work each month guarantees that when the next hunting season arrives you will be ready.

Don't let 2016 come around and have none of these resolutions crossed off...

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