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10 Hunting Hoodies to Put Under the Tree This Year

10 hunting hoodies

Here are 10 hunting hoodies to consider placing under the tree this year.

All of these are great options. It just depends which of these 10 hunting hoodies fits your style of hunting.

1. Fanatic Hoodie

Fanatic Hoody

Sitka Gear is one of the leading and upcoming hunting brands that is sure to be a great gift this Christmas.

2. Wired To Hunt Lightweight Hoodie

wired to hunt

The Wired To Hunt lightweight hoodie is great for milder days as well as a base layer with a hood on colder days.

3. Cabela’s Waterproof Insulated Snow Parka


This parka is sure to keep you warm no matter what your plans are this winter. Whether you’re hunting in Iowa or Alberta this jacket will get the job done.

4. Scentblocker

hunting hoody

The Scentblocker hoody will minimize your scent trail that follows you into the woods this winter and fall.

5. Drake Eqwader 3 in 1 Coat

waterfowl hunting hoody

These can be found at an affordable price at Sportsman’s Warehouse for under $300. This will be sure to keep you warm as waterfowl season approaches.

6. Bone Collector Hoody

bonecollector hoody

This Scent-Lok hoody with the Bone Collector insignia comes at a great price from Field and Stream.

7. King’s Camo

hunting hoodies

If you need to purchase your kids’ hunting clothing hear is an option that is hard to pass up from Cabela’s.

8. Beretta

hunting hoody

Beretta, in fact, does have a clothing line as well. The Xtreme Ducker Soft Shell Jacket will keep you warm while hunting this December.

9. Carhartt

Carhartt hoodie

The Carhartt Camo Sierra Jacket is sure to do its job since you will likely see many people wearing these this winter.

10. Browning

browning hunting hoodies

Another great option is the Browning Wicked Wing Timber Wader Jacket found at Cabela’s. 

You cannont go wrong with any of these options. Just be sure to find one that it is comfortable and suits your hunting style best.

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10 Hunting Hoodies to Put Under the Tree This Year