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10 Hunting Accessories That Make You a Better Hunter

Brad Duffie

Hunters don’t just go out on a whim without these hunting accessories.

Opening day is preceded by practice, preparation, and planning. We need the proper gear to help us be successful in our outdoor endeavors.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

Here are 10 accessories that consistently give us an edge in the outdoors and prolong our hunting trips.

#1 Camouflage.

We stick out like a sore thumb in the outdoors. Camouflage helps us get closer and there are patterns that can help you blend in to most any terrain.

#2 Trail Cameras.

The integration of these useful tools into hunting gives us insight into what our chosen game is doing. It’s “Big Brother” in the woods and we can strategize our hunting time around patterns we establish through the use of these little spy boxes.

#3 Quality footwear.

Wet, cold feet will bring the most dedicated hunters home to the recliner. The fit and cushion must be right as well; blisters have sent many a hunter back to the truck after a long hike to their hunting grounds.

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#4 Thermacell.

This little item has saved many hunts and makes early season hunting bearable. Head nets, bug sprays, and layered clothing are deterents, but the Thermacell repels bugs.

Sportsmans Guide

#5 Comfortable seating.

At some point, you want to sit down while hunting. If you have a comfortable stand, you won’t fidget as much, reducing your chances of making unnecessary noise and motion to spook game. Likewise, a simple seat cushion or stool on the ground will give you less reason to move as much.

#6 Smart phones.

No one goes anywhere without it, so why not incorporate into your hunting routine? It can keep you informed of weather, map information, moon phases, and the fact you forgot to take out the garbage when slipping out before daylight earlier that morning. The multitude of apps available for hunting is never-ending and the games you play to pass boring times afield keep you out there, increasing your chances.

#7 A book.

Whatever you choose to bring, the Bible, a novel, Cabela’s catalog; it will keep you occupied when your short attention span starts reminding you about football on your big screen at home. A simple but important item on this list of hunting accessories that prolongs your time  in the blind or on stand.

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#8 Binoculars.

It does not matter if you are belly crawling for lions on the Serengeti or on a suburbia squirrel safari, you can benefit from a better field of view afforded by quality optics. You can complain of the cumbersome nature of binos getting in the way, but the benefit of increased vision far outweighs any slight problems of transport.

#9 Hand/foot warmers.

When battling frigid temperatures, your extremities take a beating. No matter if you use refillable hand warmers or the “shake n bake” disposable type, they have been a blessing for hunters. Many a critter have met their demise because of a few more minutes of hunters staying out in brutal conditions because of warming hands and feet. The “pins and needles” sensation hurts, but it hurts less if you are dragging out a big buck.

hand warmers

#10 Your lucky hat.

Yep, a trustworthy headpiece that has served you well in the past is a must. It can be ugly, smelly, whatever. If it has been there and got the job done before, do not fix what is not broken. A lucky hat might not truly make you a better hunter, but if you think it does, go with it.

What else do you know makes you a better hunter?

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10 Hunting Accessories That Make You a Better Hunter