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10 Hunters with Wolf Harvests So Big You Won’t Believe It


These pictures of giant wolf harvests will make you look twice.

In areas of the country that allow open wolf harvests, swirls of controversy are often not far behind. Many feel that wolf numbers need to decrease in vast amounts of where they currently roam.

Typically, large numbers of other animals dramatically decrease the more wolf numbers increase for any given area. They are a great conservation success story, however, they need to be kept in check like all predator species across the country.

The following pictures show you exactly how big some species of gray wolves can get. After scrolling through these pictures, you may not walk around in wolf country without a weapon ever again.

1. What urban legends are made of. 


This wolf is literally almost as big as the hunter.

2. Wow, just…wow. 


Rumors of this wolf say that it came from Michigan. However, it was never proven.

3. This wolf could eat an elk whole. 


4. This is legit.


I think this wolf’s head is bigger than hers, and then some.

5. No Photoshop here…


Could you even imagine coming face to face with this thing while out for a walk in the woods?

6. Tip to tail, that’s the size of a full-grown man.


What a wolf. It’s no wonder these things can knock out a herd of deer so quickly.

7. Black as night.


Hunting wolves at night has to be rush.

8. Its paws look bigger than his face! 


Just imagine out ice fishing with this bearing down on you.

9. It required two men to take this wolf down. 


It probably took them both to get it out of the woods as well!

10. Can’t even get it off the ground.


Now this is a big wolf, no matter where you are.

As you can see, wolves get big. The crowd for wolf protection is very rabid in their defense of these apex predators. No one would argue that wolves aren’t beautiful animals. They embody everything that is great about the wilds of America. However, too many wolves are just too hard on too many ecosystems at local levels.

To all the people in these pictures, congrats on filling your tags! Maybe one day I can hoist a wolf up just like these hunters.


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10 Hunters with Wolf Harvests So Big You Won’t Believe It