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10 Household Items You Can Use in the Field [PICS]

Ten must-have items to use in the field that you can find in your house or the corner drugstore. 

Some of the best accessories for hunting can’t be found in a sporting goods store. They can be found in your house, the corner drugstore or even the gas station. Without the camoflauge packaging you can save a few bucks too!

1. Koozie

Cover your bow sight with a koozie to protect your pins while you walk in or out of your stand. Remove for use after your hunt.



2. Ziploc Bag

These bags have many uses including waterproofing your small electronics, hunting license and tags. Ladies, you can use a ziploc bag to relieve yourself with minimal exposure and mess, keep toilet paper in the bag for such occasions.


3. Tampons

Scent wick and yardage marker in one. Tampons fit inside almost any scent bottle and even come with a built-in branch hanger.


4. Pantyhose

If you shoot that duck of a lifetime that you want to get mounted, tuck its head under its wing and slip it into pantyhose to keep the feathers in place for the taxidermist.


 5. Wet wipes

Clean the blood off your trophy for harvest pictures and use them on your hands after field dressing.


6. Dental Floss

Strong and compact, dental floss has many uses including tying off the internal back end of an animal during a quick field dress.


7. Travel Size Spray Bottle

Eliminates the big bottle of scent eliminatator and carries enough to keep fresh and reapply the whole day.


8. Shower Cap

Protect your treestand seat from dew and rain, unless you’re too late then you can protect yourself from a wet seat. Throw one on your scope during a rainstorm or protect your truck and home from muddy boots.


9. Black Garbage Bags

Tough enough for emergency rain gear or storing quartered game until further processing.


10. Dog Leash

A strong nylon leash that can clip onto itself can make dragging game out of the woods much more comfortable with the built in handle. Great for hoisting game into a truck bed when you are by yourself. Creating a loop at both ends creates a shoulder strap to carry smaller game.

Isn’t it refreshing to know you can save your pennies by just bringing everyday household items into the field?

All images courtesy of Amazon.

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10 Household Items You Can Use in the Field [PICS]