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10 Household Items Campers and Hikers Should Carry with Them

Don't forget to bring these household items when you are packing up to sleep under the stars.

When you go camping, you are temporarily moving outdoors. The items you bring with you are usually just a smaller, more rugged version of what you use every day. Using items you already have at home can save money, time, and a trip to the store.

Take a look around, and you'll notice the household items you can use while camping or hiking.

1. Gallon Water Jug and Headlamp

Adding a headlamp to a plastic gallon jug creates a lantern with soft light, instead of a direct beam.

DIY n Crafts

2. Solar Light and Glass Jar

A solar light can light up the night with no batteries needed. Use it alone or combined with a glass jar to create a lantern with storage space.

Camp Wander

3. Toilet Paper Roll and Dryer Lint

Instead of tossing these items in the trash, save them for use as an excellent fire starter.

One Good Thing by Jillee

4. Crayon

Crayons are made of wax and burn easily to start a fire or create an emergency light source.


5. Muffin Tin

Use a muffin tin to cook individual servings for any meal.
All Recipes

6. Wok

A sturdy wok can be used for cooking meals, as a wash basin, or to boil large amounts of water. If a burn ban is in effect in your area, use the wok as a BBQ by adding charcoal and a grill.

7. Shelf Brackets

Shelf brackets and screws create a sturdy, fireproof tripod for campfire cooking.

Survival Tek

8. Shoe Organizer

Organize your camp kitchen with a hanging shoe organizer. It provides easy access and storage, and it will make clean up a snap.

Life Hacker

9. Coffee Can

Keep your toilet paper safe and dry. This is a helpful tip for those who think coffee only comes from pods or drive-up windows.

Chic Fluff

10. Pool Noodle and Bucket

We all have to go. Why not make it a little more comfortable? This setup also works at home during power or water outages.

Budget 101

Next time you plan a camping trip, look around the house. Those everyday items might make your camping trip more affordable and enjoyable.


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10 Household Items Campers and Hikers Should Carry with Them